#7 DTA-X3

| November 7, 2010 | 2 Comments

X3 is a data unit for the practical calculations and probabilities unit of the Dimensional Universal Properties Inc. Millions of years ago upper management set strict execution to the grand numbers. X3’s job is to make sure the universe and it’s franchise dimensions stays in accordance to said numbers.

But something has happened to unit X3, he is losing a battle with a virus that has manifested on the units chest drive. Beyond all probability that any DTA unit has ever died. As a data unit he was going to find a cure for his virus, if it kills him.

Category: Scifi

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  1. KingGolem says:

    Aha! Such an original robot design! You should be proud, friend.

  2. Bob Learned says:

    Yeah, I guess I will leave the uninspired and unoriginal drawing to the end… Thanks for the great complement!

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