#1 The Hobo

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#1 The Hobo - Jay Faulkner

#1 The Hobo - Jay Faulkner

There was a time when he could remember who he was, what his name was, where he was from … or even where he was right now.

That was before ‘they’ realised just what it was that he could do.

That was before ‘they’ got their hands on him.

That was before ‘they’ locked him up, pumped him full of drugs, and tried to bend him to ‘their’ will.

All because of the one thing that makes him different; makes him special.

… his thoughts, his dreams, his imagination all become reality.

Now, somehow – though he doesn’t recall quite how – he has escaped ‘their’ clutches and is on the run, dreaming up bigger, better and mightier creations to form an army of super powered beings to protect him because, no matter what, he won’t go back!

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I live in Northern Ireland though, for me, home is simply wherever my loved ones are: my wife, best-friend and soul mate, Carole, and our two wonderful little boys - Mackenzie (5) and Nathaniel (3). While I have a degree in art I'm really nothing more than an enthusiastic sketcher. Most of my creative energies are focused on writing - predominantly a short story author but have delved into novellas and am current researching/prepping my first novel. I founded, and edit, 'With Painted Words' - www.withpaintedwords.com - an online literary magazine that takes inspiration from monthly image prompts and 'The WiFiles' - www.thewifiles.com - a weekly speculative fiction 'zine. I'm also a co-host on the Folowing The Nerd - www.followingthenerd.com - radio show, and a contributor to their news/reviews website. I teach kung fu. I'm a school Governor, a Director for the Arts & Disability Forum of Ireland and a lobbyist/advocate for the Northern Ireland Rare Disease Partnership. ... and sometimes I sleep.

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  1. Jande Rowe says:

    Ooh! Cool story! ” will create for food” heh, literally!
    Beautiful job on the drawing. Personally I’d like to see the bottoms of the pants more ragged and more grunge on the feet,and scratch the message on the placard by hand, but the line work is gorgeous, your proportions right on, and hey! You can actually draw hands and feet! lol

  2. Jay says:

    Thanks – I’m actually still working on the original pencil drawing, fro the top down, so you will see ‘some’* of the detail that you mentioned … just wanted to get something posted on here so that I don’t get so far behind that I skulk off into the sunset 😉

    * There is a real/vaild reason why you won’t see everything that you mentioned, but that will have to wait for character #30 (yes, I have planned that far ahead! ;o) )

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