#2 – Mr. Smiley

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Mr Smiley

Mr Smiley, a villian who isn't as he seems...

Mr Smiley is a villian of a slimy sort of caliber. No one argues that he is certainly one of the most dangerous in the city, but few people could tell you the truth of his powers: they’re all a trick. He can make anyone see anything, and some people even worry he can change their very thoughts. He derives pleasure from fooling people, and even more pleasure from causing them to hurt themselves. Mr. Smiley is so named because he always wears a paper mask in front of his face, and is constantly shrouded behind a aura of darkness, and a fake projection of himself. The truth is that he’s homeless and has worn the same suit for countless years. But his bad hygene and sociopathic behavior doesn’t make him any less dangerous. Quite the contrary.

Notes on the design: I’m not really happy with this, but it’s a start. I love the one of how people see him, on the left. I’m not so found of the ones at right. He’s not quite grotesque enough yet. It’s an effect I’ll need to keep working on for the future.

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