#7 Monolith #347B

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First found on the Northern Shores of the Shield islands these Rusted monoliths gained a bit of fame in the year 231 AR as novelties of an ancient civilization.

Almost a hundred years later, a small village that had grown up around one of the monoliths, burned to the grounds when the monolith suddenly exploded. Many lost their lives and the Queen from that point on declared all of the Monoliths off limits to all peoples of Etherian.

Not almost 300 years after that fateful incident most of the monoliths have been forgotten, or torn apart for scrap. not many know of their existence anymore because of the strict laws against even approaching one.

But on the Spine, at the top of the World on the Shores of Daeni’s lake sits Monolith #347B This monstrosity is larger than most of the other Monoliths and unlike the others who were all rigid, or standing in simple positions this one sits, with his arms crossed on his legs and one could almost say a look of fatigue. As if one day he just stopped.

Out on the Spine the Queen’s laws do not mean much *Much to her dismay* and the Monolith has become a bit of a tourist attraction.

On the eve of the last solstice it is said that from deep within the spine there came a rumbling, as if something was moving the mountain itself. Later that night a strange thing happened. A Piercing whistle screamed across the valley, waking human & beast alike. Confusion about waht was happening set in,  and then  a villager noticed  a strange green glow emanating from the Monoliths shoulder, highlighting some sort of liquid in it’s shoulder, and the ancient steam whistle on it’s back was spewing steam once more…


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