#8 – Brannock Stonnspar and Company

| November 8, 2010 | 3 Comments

The Dwarves that employ my earlier post; “Zebra” to help them exterminate the great white wyrms of their northern territories. The middle Dwarf is the field leader; Brannock Stonnspar.  He is a gruff but fair individual who will go to great lengths to ensure the safety of his people. His men are fiercely loyal and heed his every word as gospel.  Brannock has lost many men, friends and even family to the harsh tundra in recent years. He knows something has disturbed the land and he hopes employing the rogue sell-sword, Zebra, will not be a mistake.

Category: Fantasy

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  1. King AdBeck says:

    Great dwarves. Remind me of Frazetta.

  2. saulone says:

    These guys look awesome! I’ve love to see this as a better scan. The work looks gorgeous.


  3. Thanks for the kind words! My scanner is not up and running so at the moment, I have to rely on webcam stuff. On a day of, I may just bring a bunch of work to kinkos and have them make a cd for me.

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