#8 Lt. Cmdr. Finn Killian

| November 8, 2010 | 6 Comments

Okay, so technically the character Finn Killian is actually an homage to the character Alec Killian from Titanium Rain, but he’s also an homage to my good pal Josh Finney who is famous for screaming and ranting quite a lot about anything and everything.

What can I say? I cast my stories according to personality.

Lt. Commander Killian is the right-hand man to Commander Mona Duri. He takes great pleasure in dressing down lower-ranking recruits, particularly if they say something stupid. In fact, the only subordinate who seems to be able to get away with murder under him is Ensign Anders (this might be due to a somewhat misguided crush, though this hasn’t been confirmed). Killian definitely has no problems calling people out on their failings, but this goes for superiors as well. He really, really, really sucks at playing nice for political purposes. Needless to say, his military career isn’t going to go very far.

I’m so going to enjoy drawing this man shouting.

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  1. Jande Rowe says:

    “I’m so going to enjoy drawing this man shouting. ” LOL I love this!

    • Jules says:

      Capturing a character’s emotions is one of my favorite part of the process. Sometimes, capturing the subtle things like doubt, malaise, sadness can be rewarding, but then the more extreme stuff such as annoyance or anger can be much more amusing.

  2. Josh Finney says:

    Awesome! It’s me, but like if I were Adama!!!! And yeah, I am a cantankerous son of a bitch, but keep in mind I’d also loyal, honest to a fault, and willing break my back for anyone I think is worth a damn. 🙂

  3. Josh Finney says:

    Ha! It’s me if I were Commander Adama!!!! Awesome! And yeah, sure, I may be a cantankerous son of a bitch, but I’m also exceedingly loyal and willing to break my back for anyone I think is worth a damn.

  4. Josh Finney says:

    Double post! YARG!

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