#8 Steel Pulse

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Steel Pulse aka Shara Draken is a cybernetically enhanced hit-woman, who changes her allegiances as often as she changed her clothing.  Short tempered and very vindictive, this cyber-assassin is not to be crossed.  She is the niece of Marat Matthews aka Tarot (from yesterday), but rarely associates with him, unless she is hiding out or can “use” him to her advantage.  Marat plays along with her when she’s around, but will not help her be a criminal, and is always trying to change her.  As stubborn as she is, he usually doesn’t try too hard.

She is always on the run… from who?  The Organization- a multi-national “megacorporation” who have their hands in everything from cyber technology to alternative energy, to medicine.  The Organization is not to be crossed, and that’s exactly what Steel Pulse did.  She volunteered for a cyber enhancement program within The Organization, under the understanding that she would become the ‘property’ of said patron.  She soon grew tired of being told what to do and when to do it, and vanished.

Always running from from organization agents, Steel Pulse only comes out of hiding for a job.  Which in turn has made her even MORE enemies, namely Crackshot (post number 2).  Having had to compete with her in the past, the two of them have bumped head on more than one occasion.  Currently, Steelpulse is believed to be hiding out near where her uncle;e resides, but not with him.

Steelpulse’s abilities include cyber enhanced reflexes, strength, speed, and healing.  Making her one resilient marksman…woman.

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