#8 The Time Tumor

| November 8, 2010 | 2 Comments

Once a fairly normal brain tumor, life began to change for the Time Tumor when it achieved a crude sentience by accidentaly “hacking” into the the brain of it’s victim. This dim awareness manifested itself as a deep malevolance for it’s host, and caused the accelerated death of the young physicist it inhabited.

Unfortunately, this altered the time stream so that the Grand Unified Theory would not be discovered in time for the advances in technology brought on by this achievement to save humanity from self-destruction.

Now, resurrected by the Univeral Consciousness, the Time Tumor is granted full sentience and sent through time to fix the broken time stream by selectively “pruning” historical figures who held back the advances in science and philosophy necessary to discover the Grand Unified Theory.

The Time Tumor hates the penance it’s forced to make, for though it enjoys inhabiting and destroying its hosts — it is still a relentlessly evil entity and has no desire to undo the damage it originally did.


Category: Horror

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  1. TiMrozek says:

    Man, the Time Tumor is a real jerk. I love the story.

  2. Jande Rowe says:

    Hahah! Very cool! Keep it away from me! Aaaaagh!

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