#7 – Cavity

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Cavity may be the oddest hero of all the Marginal Men.

Anthony Hoyt was an astronomer from Hawaii charged with SETI (search for extra-terrestrial intelligence). He found one, and directed it to Earth. The problem was, the alien intelligence was not another scientist, but the equivalent of a construction worker, and a curious one at that. The alien was a kind of livin wormhole, and when it followed Hoyt’s signal, it came crushing down on him and merged with him.

Since then, Hoyt can open wormholes through his body, and decided to become ther hero known as Cavity. He found out that when he opened a cavity through his head, he could still breathe. Although he has no idea how that is possible, he used it for diving without an oxygen tank, and became a protector of the coast, and the ultimate coastguard. Since there’s a hole through his face, he doesn’t need a mask. Unfortunately, he cannot speak with the hole in place. But since he believes to have nothing to fear from fellow heroes, he entrusts them with his identity, and simply shows his face when alone with the team.

Cavity is meant to have a “Golden Age” feel, despite his odd powers.


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  1. saulone says:

    Hunh – Kind of a cool concept – I like! Pretty original idea 🙂

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