#7 Kooriyh

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07 南女

Kooriyh • Snows of the south

Kooriyh is the most potent of the Four Snows, and is the aspect which “smothers in one’s sleep.” That she governs the south means she is the stillness that comes up from behind. She is often seen by people who die of melancholia and hypothermia, as she points the way » to the Parade. Her most uniform form is a watery mist, although she often has the appearance of a grey-skinned, sullen young girl, with fuda » hanging from twin onyx horns to keep her shape through the Layers.

The 雪 on her forehead allows her to communicate with the other three Snows. The pattern on her kimono is of swirling waters, and she is a very close friend to Makktanh »


for EK »

Inspired by the quintessential Yuki Onna » of Japanese Myth, and her name is a stylized “koori”, or ‘ice’. All the aspects of death pointing the departed (i.e., the one who had just shed) are a nod to a very iconic, haunting film, which I won’t name here :3

There was to be only ONE Yuki Onna at first—having one ‘sort’ of monster per kind to be part of the Parade—but after another friend chose to be the same, the concept of the Four Snows, the four ways by which a person dies of ‘the cold’, was born.

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