#8 – King Beatforge

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King Beatforge is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

King Beatforge is a gholhem (a race from the world of Musica) who never connected with a mystical instrument. He discovered he indeed had the talent to be a powerful drummer, perhaps enough so to become a master of the Way of Sound. He found he had stronger interests elsewhere when he discovered he could heal and modify mystical instruments. This led to his discovery of how to create gholhem and instrument familiars (sentient amps, guitar pedals, and other band supporting equipment).

King Beatforge held a position of high honor among mystical instrument society making his creations for all of Musica and the celestial beings that Musica serves. While a drummer at heart, King Beatforge carried a powerful enchanted (but not sentient) woodwind all-purpose crafting instrument.

King Beatforge always enjoyed creating items – most of all to serve Musica and he tolerated the tributes and gifts he had to build for the celestial beings Musica served. Often, while creating items and entities he would assemble an audience and make a performance of the art. He could dazzle crowds while creating rhythms out of items in his workshop and still crafting materials together in his instrument furnace. He could pack a few hundred gholhems and mystical instruments in his workshop and dazzle, entertain, and inspire them for hours.

King Beatforge went missing during the world shattering battle now known as “The Fall of Chromarch” where much of Musica was torn apart. Much of it was destroyed when part of Musica fell to Terra.

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