# 9 Elusius

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I shall Rule them all.

The Storytellers – Part 1 Elusius

Elusius the Mad was storyteller between 435 -472 P.R. (Post Rhiannon). A human from the spine, Elusius was chosen because he led his village to victory over an evil Allasian Monarch who set his Golems upon the Valley. Chosen by Etheria to become the fourth human Storyteller Elusius showed signs of trouble from the moment of his transformation. He immediately declared his Lordship over the valley in which he lived * An act of Treason according to the Act of Thorns, a Treaty signed between all Countries after the Death of Rhiannon in 0 P.R. *

He then chose to build an army. *This too as an act of Treason.*

The Council of Thorns was content to let the mad man rave in his valley as long as he did not leave the valley and cause trouble for the greater citizenry of Daeneris.

In 470 Elusius decided that he wanted to no longer chafe under the restrictions of the Council Marched on Queens Landing.

After Razing the country for two years on his way to the city gates of Queens Landing, his army was met by the combined forces of the Council’s independent armies. The battle raged for almost a week, The ragtag army of Elusius was hardly a match for the Trained armies of Elves,Dwarves, Humans, & Kitha’ari.

As the sun rose on what would become the last say of Elusius Short Mad life, the gates of the city opened onto the planes and out walked the Slayers. These chosen warriors were given the power to resist the magics of the Storytellers and the ability to end their existense.

Elusius all but alone on the field ran.

He did not make it far.

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