#9 Orion

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Jonathan Demitry’s mother used to tell him he was one in a million.  Turns out he was much rarer than that…

Of the five-hundred quadrillion sentient beings in Sector 2715, the relatively small portion of the known universe containing Earth and 40 other planets hosting intelligent life, Jonathan was chosen to be the next member of “The Protectorate.”

“The Protectorate” is an inter-dimensional peacekeeping force responsible for maintaining law and order throughout the universe.   5000 in number, each member of the protectorate is given belt that grants him extraodinary powers and long life.  Quagdron the Brave, a Kruelian, was the most recent member of the Protectorate guarding Sector 2715.  His last act was to pass on the belt, called “Orion’s Belt” by earthlings, to Jonathan, who was chosen for his pure heart and unquenchable spirit, to continue his legacy as a member of The Protectorate.

However, it’s not Jonathon Demitry who is wearing Orion’s Belt.  It is his identical twin, Joseph, who stole the belt from his brother and all the power that goes with it.  Though genetically identical, the estranged brothers couldn’t be more dissimilar.  While up until this point, Joseph Demitry has equipped himself well as this sector’s Protectorate, it remains to be seen whether the power will corrupt him.

ORION is one of the characters at the center of a graphic novel I’m itching to start working on.  High concept, it’s Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” meets The Justice League.  Essentially, it’s a superhero murder mystery, darker and more mature than some of the other stuff I’ve done.  I’ll be looking for artist to co-create this project sometime next year.

Going for the Green Lantern archetype, but with a bit of a twist.

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Tyler James is a comics creator residing in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

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  1. Tyler, you owe it to me and everyone else to make this GN happen. I’ll write it if I have to (probably not, but I do want to read it)

  2. saulone says:

    Dig the pencil strokes underneath, and the ten little Indians concept would be fantastic adapted to a capes n tights book.

  3. Tyler James says:

    Thanks guys. The more I work on this project, the more jazzed I am to see it come to life.

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