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#6 office marg

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# 10 – Jouster (The many faces of!)

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This was one of my first characters ever created. I designed him to be the sidekick to my best friends character; “The Acrobat!”.  This was roughly around 5th grade that these characters were created.  I wasn’t very original at the time; stealing direct design elements from Acrobat and the “Electric cattle prod” was nothing I designed myself.

I met fellow artist and good friend Greg Giordano (who got me into this 30 Characters mess!) a while back and we were working on a web comic where I got to add a bunch of characters of my own in.  Since I never got to use him in any comic book action, I thought it would be fun to use my first super hero.  However, the Jousters current costume (as seen above) wasn’t right for the 40’s time line we were working in.  So Greg had me work up a rendition of Jouster for the comic;

and here you see Gregs’ art for Jouster!

#9 Faultline

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Faultline’s real name is unpronounceable by the human tongue. It was originally dubbed ‘The Faultline Monster’ by the media as it came crawling up from the depths of the San Andreas fault line. In little time, it was shortened to ‘Faultline’.

#3 – Hoodie Knight

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Couldn’t make it to post twice in a day, but at least once then!

Hoodie Knight, whose name’s base don Final Fantasy classes, is the main hero of the story! The knight looks for the mysterious diseappeared king, (not related to Randy) and seeks to find a solution to the throne of the land, only to discover the prince was captured by Football Ninja in order to obtain a ramson.

I wish I had developed this one more, but it’s more of a design thing that keeps me liking it. And also a spoilerish secret.

#10 Kage (Samurai #5)

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This is Kage, Samurai #5 of my Samurai666 clan. (See previous posts for 1-4). Since there’s only 6 of these he’s quite high on the evil scale. He has reddish orange eyes and can travel in shadows and darkness through the Shadow World. The Shadow World is a place he can access where demons and evil ninjas travel through. He also found his demonic ebony blade there. It can create darkness and can create portals from the real world into the Shadow World.

Day 10: Sam Sword

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He’s Sam Sword, yet another of the famous juvenile delinquents.  Not only does he kick ass with his swords, he doubles as a disco ball effect at parties!  He’s so shiny, that he blinds you first, then goes in for the kill. Sam is so silly and shiny with his swords!

#8 – Steel Wool

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When they put up a Nuclear Power Plant mere miles away from his ranch, Hank Eustice was angry.  When a radiation leak killed his entire flock of sheep, Hank Eustice was devastated.  When he found his dead sheep continued to produce wool, Hank Eustice was confused.  When he discovered this wool was nearly indestructible, Hank Eustice set out for revenge!

Hank’s suit of radioactive wool, which he coins “Fluff of Justice”, is soft as a cloud, but can bare any blow, blast, or bullet.  With it, he becomes Steel Wool, an unstoppable force for animal justice!

#10 Baine

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Baine is a quiet little wolf boy. He lives in the same time as Layla, where you can look like whatever you please. He works at the local book store, and spends all his breaks reading. He’d practically live in there if he could.

#10 Trixie

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Trixie is Otto’s wife, and is a lovely person. Smart, sweet and a tad bit shy. Trixie also likes to dress up whenever she can, be it formal or in costume. And she loves hanging out with friends and loved ones.


Short and sweet tonight, and a pretty rough sketch, even more than usual as I’m short on time.

I think I may be done with Gonzogoose strip characters for a while, though. Maybe one or two, maybe not. Might be time to move on to something else…

#10 – Yapala

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Day 10 - Lord Yapala

Lord Yapala from Dungeon Legacy

Here is another preview of a new character who will appear in tomorrow’s Dungeon Legacy page.  I delayed finishing the page until I created this character in keeping with the rules, so tomorrows page might be a little late.  Hopefully, all the extra detail will make up for this.

As you may have guessed, Lord Yapala is the husband of Lady Melberha, yesterday’s character; however, he is also related to Karlaia, one of the main characters in Dungeon Legacy.  Just what this relationship is will be revealed as the story progresses.  He is quite a nervous fellow and is often bullied by the women in his life.  He relaxes by singing and playing music, and has become quite a good bard.

#10 – Jasper

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Still working out the general plot, but I’ve found my story protagonist: Jasper, the latest addition to the Academy.

#10 Riggor Mortis

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A character from my Roadrage fan fic, he is a character of mystery. He always keeps quiet but is very helpful, especially to his boss, Vance.  He is a sturdy wrestler that is very common and popular because of his act.  He looks dreadfully scary and has nothing but white in his eyes at all times.  He is not a common wrestler in the story, but he is very popular to many people in the wrestling world of the WRW.

#10 Wilmer Downs

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"Youse want we should bump him off?"

Hired gun/knife and various other weaponry in employment of one Mr. Ferrone.

Last one for the 1940’s theme. I didn’t reach all of my goals, but I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve accomplished so far in the 30 characters challenge. Just 20 more to go!

#10 Slorky

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Many suburban residents of Northwest Ohio have reported strange noises in their attics within a small radius.  Some have even reported glowing, orb-like eyes peering back at them when going to investigate in the darkness.  Many believe the attic dweller to be nothing more than an urban legend, but believers have dubbed the strange creature Slorky.

#10 Haley “Midnight” Blaire

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Name: Haley “Midnight” Blaire
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 14/Female/White
Main Goal: Get a job as a nurse and get out of her hometown.
Occupation: None/Superhero
Motivation: Fear/Self Interest
Inner Need: Safety
Flaw: Cowardly and will do anything to save herself
Good/Bad Habits: Does all her chores and studies well, but is too afraid to say something that might offend someone, even if they totally deserve it.
Secret: Her powers and those of her cousin Roskus and the fact that some of her male family members have been making sexual advances on her.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Has psychic powers like flight, telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, ESP, and teleportation, but they all come and go sporadically. Very good at housework like cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc.
Quirks: Keeps a can of pepper spray on her person, despite her powers.
Attitude: Shy
Dialogue Style: Quiet, slow, thick Southern drawl.
Backstory/Description: Haley Blaire was the youngest of four children growing up in a trailer park to two redneck parents. The four children were always responsible for all of the housework around the family’s trailer, but Haley usually ended up doing most of it due to her shy, submissive personality. When she started to develop, several male members of her family, cousins mostly, began to make sexual comments and advances on her. She resisted by becoming even more withdrawn. Fortunately for her, when she was fourteen she discovered that some combination of poor breeding, polluted water, and pure dumb luck had given her psychic powers. She kept them a secret until her mind reading powers allowed her to sense that one of her cousins, Roskus Miller, was similarly gifted. She told him her secret, and at his urging agreed to join him in becoming super heroes, taking on the name of “Midnight.”

Yeah, this was the third “catch up” picture I did, so it’s kind of sloppy (sloppier, rather). I’ll probably do her cousin/partner tomorrow.

#9 Long Fengbao Jian

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Name: Long Fengbao Jian
Species: Dragon
Age/Sex/Race: 143/Male/N/A
Main Goal: Destroy all enemies of the Verdant Emperor.
Occupation: Demon hunter/Spy/Secret Police
Motivation: Loyalty
Inner Need: Praise
Flaw: Blindly Obedient
Good/Bad Habits: Takes very good care of his weapons, but sometimes “zones out” while flying over long distances when he should be looking for demons.
Secret: Embellishes and exaggerates his own accomplishments to earn the endearment of his superiors.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Has a magic sword that can whip up storms, a magic jade eye that can spot demons, a blade on his tail that can rend the earth or call down lightning, flight, fire breathing, underwater breathing, some degree of sorcery.
Attitude: Grave
Dialogue Style: Loud, clear annunciation, harsh consonants, halting gaps between words and sentences.
Backstory/Description: Like all dragons, Fengbao Jian was created by the Verdant Emperor’s sorcery to serve as a hunter of demons and a spy on his behalf. Created to be the perfect soldier, Jian is loyal to a fault and has unquestioningly followed the Verdant Emperor’s orders his whole life.

Yeah, another one in the same ‘verse as this ( It was kind of fun re-designing the Chinese dragon.

#8 Jonathon Mullcreek

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Name: Jonathon Mullcreek
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 17/Male/White
Main Goal: Destroy all ghosts in the world.
Occupation: None/Occasional Mugger
Motivation: Revenge
Inner Need: Power and Self Esteem
Flaw: Low Self Esteem, Anger Issues
Good/Bad Habits: Takes care to remember hiding places, blames others for his own problems.
Secret: Was raped by a ghost as a young child.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Streetsmart, very good at hand-to-hand combat, fast and very good at climbing and hiding.
Quirks: Wears all black, as well as a pair of spiked shoulder pads.
Attitude: Grumpy
Dialogue Style: Low, menacing, terse.
Backstory/Description: Jonathon Mullcreek grew up as the only child of a widow living in the haunted city of Dunberg, where the ghosts of the dead are treated as citizens alongside living humans. As he was walking home from the park one day, he was abducted by a ghost and raped in an alleyway. Traumatized, he fell in with the other street urchins to learn how to fight, and he bought a pair of magic gloves that would make his punches effective against ghosts. In between skipping school and stealing things he hunts and kills ghosts as revenge.

Yay, catch up time! Dang, I sure have gotten behind. Anyway, I had a dream about this guy, and I figured it was too good of an idea to just pass up.

#2 – Angela

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#2 Angela, the Guardian Angel- Jay Faulkner

#2 Angela, the Guardian Angel- Jay Faulkner


There are three things that you need to know about Guardian Angels: 

1 – they are real.  As in REALLY real.  You can see them, should they wish to be seen; you can touch them, should they wish to be touched; they can see you, whether you want them to or not; they can touch you, when they want, where they want, and as hard as they want to. 

2- Guardian Angels are neither male nor female but, to the mortal that they are assigned, they are perceived as one or the other; all ‘male’ Guardian Angels are called Angelo and all ‘female’ Guardian Angels are called Angela.  We don’t know why this should be so; it just is. 

3- they are second only to the Creator in terms of power.  Their calling in life is to protect, guide and succour the very special, very few, mortals that are destined to play an instrumental role in the Universe.  They WILL do whatever it takes to fulfil their role and, once linked to a mortal they are bound to them for all of eternity.  They live for only as long as their charge does and, when their time is up they are ‘unmade’; as Angels, unlike mortals, do not have a soul, this means that they are gone – destroyed – for ever. 

…at least that is the plan.  A plan that – since the dawn of time itself – has always worked.  Until now.  Until Angela, the Unbound Guardian Angel.  Until the day that she broke her bonds by breaking the neck of the mortal she was guarding and guiding – a mortal ‘destined’ to play an instrumental role in the upcoming war between Heaven and Hell. 

… a war that Angela has just started!

Chad Welch, Day 10: Bearamedic

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Day 10, Bearamedic!

Once a normal Teddy Bear, the Bearamedic was magically brought to life by the tears of a child with a skinned knee! Bearamedic to the rescue to make it all better! By the Power of Band-Aid!

I wanted to depart from my typical writing style, and come up with something fun, nostalgic and cartoony. I’m working on a Star Wars Babies commission, and needed something to warm me up and get me in that kid-friendly mindset. Enjoy!

#10 Wall Street

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Rocko was exposed to your typical outer space meteor radiation. He was standing too close to a bull at the time, thus became half man, half bull. He soon joined a team calling themselves the Zoo Krew Krushers. The Krushers were defeated time and again by various super hero teams. Rocko got tired of this type of life. He had always been good at numbers and economics in school, so he tried his hand at Wall Street. To his pleasant surprise, Rocko was a Wall Street wizard. He now lives a comfortable life commuting from his home in South Jersey to New York. His old Zoo Krew Krushers teammates call him “Wall Street”. To this day, Rocko can’t tell if they’re praising or mocking him.

#10 – The Penalty Killer

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He’s got two minutes to get the job done. Talk about pressure! Equipped with his stick and a lot of hustle, he always finds himself shorthanded, defending all kinds of attacks, but still gets the job done. He enjoys putting his rivals on ice!

#10 – Tyler Edison

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Tyler Edison is a supernatural attorney and arbitrator. He represents demons and devils and other creatures from beyond. He claims he’s related to Thomas Edison, although that (like most of his stories) is highly unlikely. Tyler has no ethics. No personal agenda or opinion. He does whatever he is paid to do. His only interest is being involved and creating a legacy for himself, regardless of who comes out on top.



#10 Stabby Abby

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#10 The Cancer

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As the Mob closes in to the resurrected  Zodiacs old home, he manifests Cancer the crab… he will not let the mob kill those close to him again.

#9 Lyra

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Catching up here from yesterday…

Part archangel, part cyborg, Lyra duty is to bring swift vengeance to those who deserve it.  She normally walks among humans disguised as an attractive, if slightly scatterbrained, fashion photographer, but when she is needed, that all vanishes.

What emerges is a being that is all business and possessing no mercy…at least at first.  Lyra soon comes to realize that the world is not black and white, but many shades of gray.  This discovery causes her to change her methods, and while that may not sit well with some of her comrades, the Supreme Being ( you know, THAT Supreme Being) seems to understand.

#9 The Lizard King

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#10 Lady Knight

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#12 Black Terror

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Public domain character time. Seeing Greg Giordano do a few PD characters got me antsy for doing one, so I killed two birds (PD and a color titled character) with one stone.  And this is a doozy.

Concept: Growing up, there were tons of characters called “Black __” that were African American (in some cases, African). So, when I discovered the public domain characters, and the Black Terror, I decided to go all out and create an original BT. This one owes much of his existence to the Blaxploitation flix of the 70’s. The idea: The Black Panthers created their own killing machine, called, “The Black Terror,” that they unleashed on racists, neo-Nazis, and the like.

Design: Uh…it’s pretty much the Black Terror with some minor fixes. No cape…for that matter, no pirate theme, other than his t-shirt. I toyed with a skull mask or make-up in the shape of a skull, but that was too distracting. Keeping it simple, keeping it recognizable, and keeping it real were the most important factors going into this reimagining of a familiar character. Could probably add some more weapons, but I don’t want him to look like the Punisher, because that could easily happen.

Art by Uriel Duran!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#10 The Villianess Proboscus

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Abigail Valencia likes to do two things:
Steal from banks
and stick her nose into things.
She works out alot to look good in her suit.
It’s an old suit.
She bought the boots.
The headgear is some sort of ceramic.
She won’t say exactly.
She doesn’t keep a banking card.

#10 Mistah Beaver

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Today’s entry is Mistah Beaver, leader of the Builder Brigade in the Unwaking Lands.

Early in the onslaught of the Unrest, the Build Brigade fell to its powers. They were put in charge of building the Dungeons of Unrest, a maze like catacomb beneath the mountains. When Tummel and his brother Balder returned to free the land they traveled through the dungeon and met the transformed Mistah Beaver. Together with the help of Harry and Sarah they were able to transform the Builder Brigade back to normal and free them from the grip of the Unrest.

Now Mistah Beaver and his group spends their days designing and building defenses to hold back the Unrest from The Hollow.

Mistah Beaver is a character in Grim Furry Tales.

#10- Harfus, the dealer

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