# 10 – Jouster (The many faces of!)

| November 10, 2010 | 7 Comments

This was one of my first characters ever created. I designed him to be the sidekick to my best friends character; “The Acrobat!”.  This was roughly around 5th grade that these characters were created.  I wasn’t very original at the time; stealing direct design elements from Acrobat and the “Electric cattle prod” was nothing I designed myself.

I met fellow artist and good friend Greg Giordano (who got me into this 30 Characters mess!) a while back and we were working on a web comic where I got to add a bunch of characters of my own in.  Since I never got to use him in any comic book action, I thought it would be fun to use my first super hero.  However, the Jousters current costume (as seen above) wasn’t right for the 40’s time line we were working in.  So Greg had me work up a rendition of Jouster for the comic;

and here you see Gregs’ art for Jouster!

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  1. The initial sketch looks very similar to your All American character…I like the latter versions more, personally.

  2. Samar Ertsey says:

    Hmm, there’s a lot of Captain America going on. The colour scheme, the stars, the gloves and boots (!) and the blue chainmail. Even the helmet reminds me a lot of Cap’s first helmet. I prefer the initial sketch.

  3. Good point. Im betting that the All American is in some very obvious way, my creation of Jouster as I got older.

  4. Samar-

    I wanted to exaggerate the elements that were jouster -like; the helmet. I gave it flaring and basically took it from a few British pikeman and other helmets. Then I just gave him a tunic and other medieval/fantasy elements (flared boots, gloves) to make the character look like a golden-age superhero. As far as similarities to Cap- frankly there were more than 30 different American flag-style heroes in the golden age and although they all come after Cap, I’m not certain how one is going to depict a patriotic superhero without using the tropes of the American Flag. I suppose since he’s a jouster he could have been British, but it was Ethan’s character. Personally, I dig the designs and was privildged to be asked by a friend to mess around with his “baby”. Much Love E.

  5. YOU with the love!!! 😀
    (to which I would love to see another Giordano version as well!)

  6. It’s so cool to see the changes in the character design. I definitely like the last one best. It really captures a knight/jousting feel. But I love seeing the progression.

  7. Love both versions of the Jouster… Gotta give the nod to Golden Age tho’!

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