#10 Mistah Beaver

| November 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

Today’s entry is Mistah Beaver, leader of the Builder Brigade in the Unwaking Lands.

Early in the onslaught of the Unrest, the Build Brigade fell to its powers. They were put in charge of building the Dungeons of Unrest, a maze like catacomb beneath the mountains. When Tummel and his brother Balder returned to free the land they traveled through the dungeon and met the transformed Mistah Beaver. Together with the help of Harry and Sarah they were able to transform the Builder Brigade back to normal and free them from the grip of the Unrest.

Now Mistah Beaver and his group spends their days designing and building defenses to hold back the Unrest from The Hollow.

Mistah Beaver is a character in Grim Furry Tales.

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  1. The line on his head makes me think of a stuffed animal. Interesting, though. I’ll have to take a look at the Tales.

  2. All of the inhabitants of the unwaking lands look like stuffed animals now. They become whatever they are perceived to be and the most current person is a young girl.

    There is some stuff up on the main site and on the facebook page:

    I’m working with the same artist I did Stitchwork with to bring the new book. My old book is currently out of print.

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