#09 Toushou-Xhiblins

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09 東男

Toushou-Xhiblins • Of Teeth

Toushou’s presence is heralded by the gnashing sounds of his lamprey teeth, which form at the point where his human hands are supposed to be; they are actually feelers, like tentacles. His horns are a thick, bony cover which start from his spine and end in an elegant, curling point. His dominion is the east, and is known as He Of Teeth, sometimes The Ice That Gnaws; he points the way to the Parade to those who die of frostbite, shock, or dejection. His fuda is a blindfold around eyes which are also lamprey mouths.

Toushou is Kooriyh’s » favourite companion among the Snows, and he is always level-headed and practical; he sometimes appears to his wards just before they decide to shed, giving advice and helping them weigh their decisions properly. He wears his cape one-sided, leaving his right side exposed. Tou is also somewhat of a tattoo artist as well, his mouth-hands making good, accurate work. He prefers stalactites and icicles as his form.


His name means “frostbite” and he is a male version of a Yuki Onna. I’ve made him a nod to The Corinthian, who is by far the scariest shit-ass nightmare in EVER. Good lord. A common mark of the Four Snows is their twin onyx horns. I’m sketching the Four Flames too, and I think I know what to do with it now. X3

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  1. King AdBeck says:

    K, I have an abiding love of yokai and Japanese wood block prints, so I naturally gravitated to what you were doing here. I actually went to see a netsuke exhibit at my local museum today to gawk at all the miniature yokai and oni – great inspiration for we monster-lovers. Great work!

    • K says:

      @King AdBeck: Thank you, and yes, this 30 day project is going to be based off the 100 Ghosts Walk, with a very woodblocky/ ukiyoe feel to it (I hope!).

      Thanks again, and good luck on YOUR challenge!

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