#10 Annie

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In life, Annie was a devout (as much as is possible) Unitarian Universalist. She was tolerant, kind, and tried her hardest to leave the world a better place than when she entered it.

Well, turns out that the Being running things in this reality is as small-minded, petty and needy as you’d assume from all the ancient stories that Annie herself had interpreted as metaphor. Now she’s forced to do penance in the form of haunting the living who have, as yet, to embrace the true nature of god. When her candle is lit, she takes corporeal form and passes on the information she missed out on while alive.

Of course, she’s none too happy about how things have turned out, and makes her opinions known (loudly) to the god who’s always looking over her shoulder as she does her job.

Category: Drama, Horror, Humor

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