#10 – Harvey

| November 11, 2010 | 3 Comments

Harvey is a sly fox. Born in France, Harvey was sent away at an early age to train under the famed Ms. Daiyu. Recognized early for his quick wit and physical prowess, he was chosen carefully by Ms. Daiyu’s people to begin training in the remote mountaintops of Nepal. Only 10 people train with Ms. Daiyu at any given time, most of them spending nearly half of their lifetime under her guide. It is currently unknown what sort of power this woman and her band of elite followers possesses, or to what end she keeps such company, but it is believed that it is to deal with certain threats that even the highest levels of the world’s major governments are unaware.

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  1. King AdBeck says:

    Man, that’s great! He is practically alive!

    • TiMrozek says:

      Awesome man! Thanks :). I actually found him a bit more challenging than the last. Wrinkles really help add realism, it’s harder to get that realism when it’s not so overt. However, I kindly ask that no one measure the distance from his eyes to the top and bottom of the head. In looking at it again, I realized that might need a quick fixing.

      • Jande Rowe says:

        The flaws you add in are what make your peices look so realistic. Few of us are born perfect and those that are often grow into something other than perfect. lol

        I like him. I like the way you have him hold his mouth muscles tight, like he’s about to laugh at the ways of the world.

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