#11 – Hephaestus

| November 11, 2010 | 6 Comments

Hephaestus is the Greek god of craftsmen, focusing on blacksmithing and technology. He was also lame. As a member of 3 Gods Construction Company, Hephaestus believes in hard work. Some say he’s never fixed his legs because Zeus struck him down and he physically CAN’T make the repairs. His co-workers know the truth. He simply refuses. He is a master of Technology but is determined to prove he can do as much actual labor as the next construction god. “Happiness is a fresh set of blueprints”. He’s the brains of the company but uses his tech and hands to contribute in every aspect.

What the other gods of the company don’t know, is that Hephaestus has put them all in serious debt to Tez. He’s the God of technology but some of the stuff Tez can bring through is lightyears beyond what he’s got. Who knows when or how Tez will collect on this debt or how Vulcan and Ptah will react.

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  1. Now that I’ve taken another look, I don’t think it’s too bad. I really like how you incorporated the deity’s lame legs into the design. He’s not as burly as I’d imagine (I always picture Heph as this gigantic hulking guy) but I like this rendition.

  2. JoeCook says:

    Yeah. I did the big hulking guy for Vuclan, his Roman clone so I was looking for something different here. Seeing as how Iron Man is sorta based odd the Hephaestus story, I wanted very IM looking body parts. I was hoping the “determination” in the bio would keep anyone from being offended. Like you said, it’s part of the mythology.

  3. smjjames says:

    Like how far advanced, or are we just talking about the difference between electronic devices and complex tools or something?

    On the serious side, maybe Tez could be their electronics expert? Not sure how that would make sense though.

  4. Jande Rowe says:

    A very sensitive look at this god. ;`) I like it!

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