#11 The Libra

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

Justice is all encompassing, The Libra is the weight and balance between good and Evil…. today It becomes executioner against the corrupt detective that aided in the Death of the Zodiac.

hahahha and the teasers continue for the “Horrorscope” comic

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  1. This is so bizarrely creepy! All the swirls make it hard to pick out its shape but I suspect that’s part of the point.

    A horrific creature of balance is probably scarier than something dedicatedly evil. At least with evil, you know it’s always bad.

    • alberto311 says:

      Cool thanks… it was had to figure out a Libra creature… so i wanted something ethereal that contorts and forms in different state until it’s final decision to lay judgment.

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