#11 Trickster

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

I was the eyes and ears of gods on high.

But now I find you here my dear, so near to me so near.

To father-mother, I do bow, salute you yes, and pledge.

But brother, brother you know, we do not agree.

He calls me trickster, gives me names.

His speak is odd, his manner strange, this bird like man comes to you on the road. Some pay him respect and his role will change. Others avoid the trickster and he lives up to his name. Beware the road to nowhere, for his toll is high. Know your lore, your legend, you myth and you might just survive the trip.

Category: Horror

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  1. The poem fits the character well.

    Is his mask supposed to have a long nose? It looks like it does.

  2. Thank you. Yes that is suppose to be a bird mask. 🙂

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