#4. Dorothy Arnold

The Jazz Police

On January 16th, 1919, the 18th Amendment to the Unites States constitution was ratified by the Congress and 36 states. It took effect a year and a day later, outlawing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of “intoxicating liquors”.Raids on “speak-easies” and underground stills served as a perfect cover for work to extinguish supernatural threats to our way of life. At the forefront of this effort, the elite and secretive Federal Bureau of Vice and Taboo Management, known due to their lack of a snappy acronym as the “Jazz Police”.

They have badges, they have guns, and they have (probationary) special dispensation to make use of supernatural means and intoxicating liquors.

Dorothy Arnold

In 1910, beautiful Manhattan socialite Dorothy Arnold went missing, age 25. (This is historical fact.) She was recently tracked down by the Jazz Police and offered amnesty in exchange for her help hunting monsters. It may be notable that a decade later she still appears to be in her early 20s.

She’s not the most willing agent of the Jazz Police, but needs both the amnesty and special dispensation offered for her service.

Dorothy is a gorgeous, slender, and pale blonde (with fairly short curly hair), usually very well dressed even for an upper-class woman of the early 1920s. She wears very short flaring skirts and high heels. She is sometimes seen in round smoked glasses.

At apparently random intervals, she shows signs of vampirism– fangs, aversion to light, uncontrollable thirst– but at other times she seems perfectly normal, if a little preoccupied.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Juri Hayasaka. A Black Label Comics production.

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Category: Fantasy, Horror, Steampunk

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Writer of Black Label Comics, including "The Deathlings: Anne's Story," "Huginn & Muninn," and "The Dark Age".

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  1. Looks fantastic, and I love the backstory. Great work!

  2. Randall Drew says:

    That is my kinda woman right there! Excellent addition to the challenge!

  3. Earthsprite says:

    Cool, but her center of balance is too far forward.

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