#8 – Skyhawk

| November 11, 2010 | 5 Comments

Rory “Skyhawk” Campbell is an adrenaline junkie. He rafts, base-jumps, climbs, hikes, and parkours. Nature is his playground and his gymnasium. Who says you need to play organized sports or work out in a gym to get your exercise rush?

One day, Rory was climbing a tall cliff without gear. He loved tempting death. The more dangerous his sport, the more satisfying the rush. Suddenly, he slipped and fell. For a moment, he reveled in the fall, the rush of wind around him and the freedom of the open air. Then terror crept in as he realized he was about to die. Rory gritted his teeth and prepared for the inevitable.

Suddenly he realized he wasn’t falling down. He was falling up. The rushing wind lifted and tossed him on top of the cliff. He tumbled and picked himself up. Bruises and scrapes covered his body, but he was alive. Rory stood in stunned silence for a minute. Then he grinned. Talk about an adrenaline rush — there was no better way for a guy like him to discover he was a superhero.

Rory has the power to control the air and in the years since his power first appeared, he’s been pushing himself. He experiments to test his limits, see what he can do, and try to push himself beyond those limits. If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing thoroughly, and learning about his abilities is no exception. Rory can manipulate air currents within a mile of himself and can move several tons with concentrated blasts of wind. His powers have come with thrilling side effects, too. He no longer has to breathe because his lungs continually manufacture fresh air. He can also survive in high- and low-pressure environments and extreme hot and cold weather has no effect on him. He’s able to fly at high speeds and his mind has started working faster at simple tasks than most human minds are capable of.

Rory still pushes himself to see how far his powers go. With his mastery over the air, it’s possible his powers can develop into full-fledged weather control. After all, it’s the air currents that help bring in storms.

I will probably redo this one digitally some time down the road. I think it’ll look better that way.

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Graduate student in history, web developer for a university, author and artist for Planescape: Metamorphosis, avid gamer, D&D, World of Darkness, and Guild Wars fan.

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  1. JoeCook says:

    Sweet. Love the perspective and the worms eye view. The arrogant grin says so much about this guy.

  2. Thanks, man 😀 Glad the perspective all came out well. I will definitely have to revisit this in digital color sometime.

  3. Julie Leone says:

    Such a lovely shiny butt! ~ <3

  4. King AdBeck says:

    Great shot, perspective, character, and all. I liked the marker textures – they let us see the work, like brush strokes.

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