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#10 Gumshoe

| November 12, 2010 | 4 Comments

Winston ‘Gumshoe’ Ralls is much different than what I had initially pictured. He was very ‘Rorschah’ looking with the typical long coat/fedora and a domino mask; that all got tossed with a different look not typically associated with ‘master detective.’ More influenced by ‘L.A. Confidential’ I think. Might of went a little heavy on the Photoshop trying for gritty/old photo but I think it’s still pretty successful. Enjoy!

#11 Delmi

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Delmi is another taur-like creature. He is kind and gentle. He doesn’t have much of a back ground story so far, but he sure looks cool.

#12 Fyorra ra’Nensulo

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Fyorra ra'Nensulo

Hey, look! I came up with the entire Dubina alphabet so I could write Fyorra’s name in it on the collar, then shrunk it down so you can’t see it anyway!

I first sketched a character like this back when I first conceived of Race. She was to be a computer science tutor like myself. In this refinement, I was worried she’d look like self-insertion so I changed her major, but I wound up imagining her with my personality instead, so…yeah. Still self-insertion. I apologize.

Info on Race can be found here.

#10 Arshaka Shamash

| November 12, 2010 | 9 Comments


Too hot, you say? Bah! Babylonians worshipped me as their sun god. My soul burns of the hottest fires. I say let’s kick up the heat.

One of the Old Ones, Arshaka the orange Djinn now leads a bike gang in Northeast Baltimore.

#9 Captain Puerto Rico

| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Righting wrongs for the Puerto Rican race he is Captain Puerto Rico.  I feel that not many of my fellow Latin Americans have too many heros, and with this Captain, he is here to help everyone, but more importantly those who need his help.  He is a hero incognito by day and by night he helps out his fellow man.  His trusty side kick is a talking motor cycle that comes to his aid when he needs it.  Living in New York it can be a tough rat race, but if there is a man who can help it’s captain Puerto Rico.

#12 Karen

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This is from the same story lines where these three siblings found some rings that gave them special powers.  Karen has the power of sight, and she can see anything from 500 miles away, but her vision is exceptional at night.  Not the brightest of the bunch, but the youngest she is very incredible with her talents.

#11 Andy

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This character I conjured up while doing my Creatures story.  Remember “Michael”?  The guy who could run fast?  Well this is his brother Andy and he has the power of hearing.  Once finding some mysterious rings in their home city of Oklahoma, they have been presented with a great gift that ends up giving them nothing but problems. They have to settle with their powers for now, but they like to live as simple homefolk in a simple town.

#12 Death

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Death, Satan’s assistant and work on more details later…

#13 & 14 – Talon and the Atomic Wizard

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NEW JERSEY HARBOR NEWS FEED! On this November 12th, 1943 we have for you today, O’ constant reader; taken direct from the Police files off the New Jersey shore, sketches with insights provided by witnesses who swear to have seen two of the Mystery Men in action! The first is the Atomic Wizard! Theorized to have been a creation from a deranged scientist who is powered by Nuclear energies and then himself went off to learn the mystic stylings of magic to take down his foes!

The second is more notably and quite possibly the escaped mad man Terrence DeFlyer, A.k.a.; TALON! We could only ever know if he decides to take that helmet off one day! Apparently he actually does have the rare ability to fly! However he gained this ability through a terrible accident with an unknown chemical which, at the time, also induced his madness! He claims to be able to talk to birds as well! PREPOSTEROUS!!! Terrance, if you are reading this, turn yourself in! Your loved ones await your return!

And here we have a rare image taken from the interior of the great and mighty IRON DREIDEL which serves as the bunk house and base of operations for many of the vaunted MYSTERY MEN!!! Depicted here are the afformentioned Atomic Wizard and Talon sitting at the conference table with what appears to be a very bored looking Jouster! This image is copyright The NJS Police Dept. 1943.

*Ahem*! So yeah, I designed Talon and the Atomic Wizard for the web comic; Mystery Men.  Along with good friend Greg Giordano, we created a bunch of golden age super heroes and villains to throw fisticuffs at each other for a good long while.  These images are all drawn and inked by me with color and lettering by Greg.  We co-wrote the book and many of Gregs characters are hangin out below also!

#11 Selena

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Selena, more details later on…

#12 – Landon

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Landon: mageling, troublemaker, and friend of Jasper and Kemmek.

Day 12: Ted Boogerman

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I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t come up with any good, serious characters on my own, so I’m going back to what I know.  Which is immature, made up crap.  This is Ted Boogerman, make sure you pronounce his name right, it’s one word Boogerman, not booger man!  He gets pissed when you mispronounce his name.  He went on a date with a girl once who mispronounced his name.  He poked her eyes out and replaced them with grapes.  The really dark purple kind that has a thick skin and seeds.

Ted is seen here working on his abs.  Doing some of those upside down situps.  He’s all about being buff and looking good for the ladies.  The ones who don’t mispronounce his name anyways.

Day 8: Oleg

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Still a few days behind, but here’s Oleg!  He’s the elder of the village the other characters live in, and spends a lot of time at the bar Kerry works for.  He has a lot of life experience and tries to share it with everyone he meets.  Some children are afraid of him since he sometimes tends to play pranks on them in order to teach them lessons.  Other children and even adults will come to him for advice or to listen to stories about the old days.  The hat he wears is a memento from someone he knew when he was just a young man.

His golden horns are a pretty rare sight, inciting wonder & curiosity from the village folk, but Oleg always insists that there is nothing special about him and that “the golden horns are in the eye of the beholder” and other such old person wisdom.

#12 – Roanne Lancer

| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Roanne Lancer is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Roanne Lancer holds the high position of master instructor in three separate creative disciplines: dance, writing, and acting at Polytechnica: the prestigious best-of-the-best college within Zoo College of the Arts. She sees herself as the rightful successor to the schools first multi-disciplined master: Professor Xavian Charlesworth. However, Professor Terrant Razorclaw prevents this just by doing an outstanding job as the master professor of all music at the college.

To cover so many departments effectively, Roanne oversees a team of assistant professors and their student teachers which the entire lot are often referred to by their unofficial name “The Lance Collective”.

Roanne is an aggressively competitive person and able to adapt her mind and body to achieve almost anything. This serves her well when she is heading toward single-minded goals but it becomes a significant hindrance when she needs to do anything with a group of peers or students. When it’s time for the group to decide anything, she thinks the best thing to do is to fight it out. Literally. For her this isn’t a problem because she happens to hold higher than black belt rank in Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and both pro wrestling and thumb wrestling.

Recently she’s set her sights on mastering The Way of Sound – which she never knew existed until seeing Professor Razorclaw’s students Pick and Crunchy perform an assignment gig at the Soundhouse Saloon.

Anytime she crosses paths with Master of Music Professor Terrant Razorclaw, the sparks fly, challenges are said, and often an exchange of sound and martial arts techniques occurs. These exchanges are typically over in moments and almost never seen by bystanders.

It is interesting to note that she does not really care about taking over the visual arts because there is no one to compete within that space. After Charlesworth left the college the position of master of visual arts became vacant and has remained so ever since.

#12 – Varuna

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Varuna is a Vedic God of sky, water, the celestical ocean and the law. In the Mythoscape, he takes the last one very seriously. He had his sea monster steed, Makara and his trusty lasso long before John Wayne arrived in this world. As soon as he met the Duke, Varuna was hooked on westerns and has taken a much more old west attitude towards keeping the peace. He’s one of Three gods (Indra and Agni to follow) who pride themselves on their mounts.

#12 – Abra Cadaver

| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Very little is known about this strange and seemingly young woman who has the ability to raise and command the dead to do her bidding.  She has remained virtually unknown as she tends to skulk and spend most of her time in graveyards.

#12 – WhyNot: The Source of Desperate Ideas

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His clientele: coaches in the middle of a losing streak, supervillains on the cusp of defeat, Santa at the break of dawn.  WhyNot doesn’t always give out a gem of an idea, but an idea is guaranteed!

#12 Puppet Supplicant

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“And on the 8th day the hand of god was clothed with fabric and face and it was good.” – Book of the Teir

He humbly seeks guidance from the Puppets on high, he is the Puppet Supplicant. Earnest servant of the dark puppet gods.

#12 Sun-Girl…

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This is actually a character my daughter created (yes, I know other creators are doing this too, but it’s been a day, and I haven’t been able to be too creative). We haven’t hammered out her origin. We were playing with the idea that she got too close to the sun, but that’s as far as we got 🙂


| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

I totally came up with the name just before I posted this. I was going to go with Mecharilla or something goofy like that. I made this in Illustrator, so the gradients and shiny goodness was actually a lot easier than it looks. Anyone know where I can buy some steel bananas?

#12 Lady Gunn

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Lady Gunn is a character from my own character creations to make a web comic.

#12 Seabreaker

| November 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

Back to superheroes! This is Seabreaker, he was on a cruise and got to drunk and fell overboard. Two weeks later he ended up on shore with mysterious water energy powers. He has no idea where he got them or where he was. He could be a hero or villain, he’s not even sure.

#12 The Virgo

| November 12, 2010 | 4 Comments

#12 Virgo

Virgo the Virgin… It’s razor sharp spikes and edges keep those away that wish to get close, but when commanded by the Zodiac it goes from defense to offense in a bloody assault.

I was trying something different for the Virgo… I’m happy with the concept design for the “Horrorscope” comic book project.

5. Malandra Shorespine


This post is special for two reasons. First, because I’m only posting the text, because the artist is also participating in the challenge, and will be posting the visual design for her later in the month. (Keep an eye out!) Second, because the inspiration for the character came first as a visual image in my head, rather than along with a complete story idea. She has a lot of potential for creating good stories, though, so I wanted to get her down on paper.
Imagine Malandra as a both predatory sea-creature and a beautiful woman, dark and slick and dangerous. She hunts the sea for prey, but isn’t afraid to come onto the land either. She’s most at home in deep wet caverns, either far beneath the ocean, or very near land. She’s an unknown quantity, with her nature and origins still shrouded in mystery.


Here are the notes that I gave the artist…
Malandra Shorespine is a beautiful female, but also a dangerous underwater creature at home only at the greatest depths, or in hidden caverns. She’s very dark looking, except for a few bio-luminscent markings. Her appearance is dominated by soft organic curves, except for hints of sharpness coming from natural barbs and gills.
She is humanoid, but not human. Her charcoal gray skin is smooth and slick, like a shark or a ray. She has subtle ridges or barbs in appropriate places, such as her spine, her knuckles, her elbows, her heels, and perhaps her brows or cheekbones.
She has perhaps a dozen slender tendrils on her head, which usually stay back on her head giving the impression of hair that has been slicked back. (Giving the impression of a human swimmer, at first glance.) Her feet and hands have slight webbing and claws, and only four fingers/toes.
It’s hard to tell whether she is dressed in very organic clothing that matches her skin closely, or has natural markings and plating that give the impression of clothing. If it’s clothing, it gives the impression of a one-piece swim suit or body suit, with hints of corsetry or armor. (Her body is curvy, and suggest a human female, but her chest gives the appearance of being covered in tight clothing.) Her shoulders have plates or ridges giving the impression of short sleeves or slim pauldrons.
She always gives the impression of being wet, because of her glossy skin. She’s sinewy, with muscles always tense and poised. Her teeth are sharp, though almost human-looking.
She is dark even in areas where a human should be light– However, she has areas of bio-luminescence.  Her eyes are dark where the whites should be, with luminescent irises and unusually shaped pupuls. Even her gums are dark. However, she has an natural pattern (predatory stripes or patterened uneven spots perhaps) of bio-luminescense on her upper arms and legs.
She has a small dark dagger strapped to one calf, and carries a dangerous and almost organic-looking spear that gives the impression of a short harpoon.

Created by Ian Struckhoff of Black Label Comics. (Artwork forthcoming.)

**EDIT** – Click Here For Malandra’s Artwork

# 3 – Aaron Gunn

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Continued from Lady Lightning and Mr. Smiley from the universe-in-development, “Bound”

Aaron Gunn : the last resort

Aaron Gunn is aptly named: he is proficient with many hand weapons

Aaron Gunn wasn’t originally designated for Special Forces duty. He went into the Army, and then was quietly transfered ove to Marine special forces after his extra-accurate abilties were noted by his superiors. After serving a full term of ten years, we was recomended for the civil special-powers comission, and was accepted not just for his combat abilities, but for his extremely level head under duress. Aaron possess good reaction, but not above humanly-possible, and is proficient with a number of different weapons, guns, and defenses. But so are many special forces members. The most distinctive aspect of his abilities is a sort of sixth-sense that allows him to anticipate an attacker’s actions, even when they are irrational or unconventional. For this reason, and for his military experience, Aaron Gunn has been given two nicknames. “The hired Gun” and “The last resort”. Aaron’s specialty is in executions. In a world where any death means another’s death as well, such lethal tactics are only used on criminals and adversaries that have left him no choice.

It’s for this reason that he first met Lady Lightning, back when she was just joking called “Sparky” by coworkers in the special comission. They were often paired up because her powers were (at the time) explicitly used for passifying (she could only produce energy bursts that stunned, paralyzed, or dazed oponents), and his for backing her up in case more serious threats were encountered. He has also given her a lot of guidance and advice over the years, both as a comrade, and simply because he is fifteen years her senior.

The last thing that makes Aaron Gunn unique is that he not only knows who his bond-mate is. He married her. He will jokingly say “I’m just protecting my own hide by keeping that woman close to me.”, but LL knows he’s completely devoted.

In the time since LL’s mysterious transformation, Aaron has been working closely with her to try to find some reason behind the increase her powers.

#12 – Mastema

| November 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

Mastema is one of the Seven Devils that torment Jack Crasher.



#12 Emmet

| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Emmet collects marbles.  He would also like to play the game, but the size of his toes makes it difficult.  He is, however just happy to look at the way they shine.

#9 – Bandit

| November 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

There's a New Sheriff in Town...Cuz I KILLED the old ONE!

A heinous gunslinger from the Old West, Bandit found two cursed six-shooters that granted their bearer unerring aim and unlimited ammo!  For more than a century, he’s been a terror to the world, continuing his plans to loot and plunder!

#8 – The Champ

| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Knocking Out Crime!

The former heavyweight title bearer, The Champ used his celebrity status to make strides for ecological improvements in industrial/chemical production.  On a press-filled visit to a coatings plant, the world witnessed as The Champ “fell” into a chemical bath that left his skin impenatrable and magnified his strength 100 fold!

#7 – Grey Guardsman

| November 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

The ONLY Line of Defense!

The first sucessful Hyper-Officer created by the United States, the Grey Guardsman diligently serves to protect the ideals of freedom and civil justice, not only for his native America, but the world!  Imbued with heightened agility, stamina and strength, he is the worlds top cop, striving to make the world a safer place, one law at a time!

#6 – Epitaph

| November 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Dead wear No Shoes!


The zombie detective who returns from beyond the grave to solve crimes of the occult, Epitaph was once a man whose practice of the mystic arts left him a conduit for mystic energy!  Now, whenever the cries of the innocent are unheard by the law, he returns from his eternal slumber to correct the careful balance of the universe!