#11 Crosswire

| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Crosswire, aka Kevin Suitor is a former paratrooper turned superhero. Harnessing the power of electricity manipulation, Crosswire can create wires of pure electricity and use electricity to safely dive through the sky and land unscathed.

Suitor was a good soldier in good standing that partook in a special government experiment to join an elite sect for special operations. Through the process he gained these powers and became on of the elite. He just didn’t know what he was getting himself into, and still plays the good little soldier, taking orders, unwittingly carrying out acts of treason at the command of the United States government.


A little late with this one, busy day yesterday.

As you can see, I moved on from Gonzogoose strip characters and just created something off the top of my head. Now it gets exciting as I have no idea what each day will hold from here on out. Hopefully I’ll get #12 in by midnight this time!

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  1. He looks like he’s having a great time in freefall there!

  2. BrantFowler says:

    He does, doesn’t he? heh, thanks for checking it out.

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