#13 & 14 – Talon and the Atomic Wizard

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NEW JERSEY HARBOR NEWS FEED! On this November 12th, 1943 we have for you today, O’ constant reader; taken direct from the Police files off the New Jersey shore, sketches with insights provided by witnesses who swear to have seen two of the Mystery Men in action! The first is the Atomic Wizard! Theorized to have been a creation from a deranged scientist who is powered by Nuclear energies and then himself went off to learn the mystic stylings of magic to take down his foes!

The second is more notably and quite possibly the escaped mad man Terrence DeFlyer, A.k.a.; TALON! We could only ever know if he decides to take that helmet off one day! Apparently he actually does have the rare ability to fly! However he gained this ability through a terrible accident with an unknown chemical which, at the time, also induced his madness! He claims to be able to talk to birds as well! PREPOSTEROUS!!! Terrance, if you are reading this, turn yourself in! Your loved ones await your return!

And here we have a rare image taken from the interior of the great and mighty IRON DREIDEL which serves as the bunk house and base of operations for many of the vaunted MYSTERY MEN!!! Depicted here are the afformentioned Atomic Wizard and Talon sitting at the conference table with what appears to be a very bored looking Jouster! This image is copyright The NJS Police Dept. 1943.

*Ahem*! So yeah, I designed Talon and the Atomic Wizard for the web comic; Mystery Men.  Along with good friend Greg Giordano, we created a bunch of golden age super heroes and villains to throw fisticuffs at each other for a good long while.  These images are all drawn and inked by me with color and lettering by Greg.  We co-wrote the book and many of Gregs characters are hangin out below also!

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