# 3 – Aaron Gunn

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Continued from Lady Lightning and Mr. Smiley from the universe-in-development, “Bound”

Aaron Gunn : the last resort

Aaron Gunn is aptly named: he is proficient with many hand weapons

Aaron Gunn wasn’t originally designated for Special Forces duty. He went into the Army, and then was quietly transfered ove to Marine special forces after his extra-accurate abilties were noted by his superiors. After serving a full term of ten years, we was recomended for the civil special-powers comission, and was accepted not just for his combat abilities, but for his extremely level head under duress. Aaron possess good reaction, but not above humanly-possible, and is proficient with a number of different weapons, guns, and defenses. But so are many special forces members. The most distinctive aspect of his abilities is a sort of sixth-sense that allows him to anticipate an attacker’s actions, even when they are irrational or unconventional. For this reason, and for his military experience, Aaron Gunn has been given two nicknames. “The hired Gun” and “The last resort”. Aaron’s specialty is in executions. In a world where any death means another’s death as well, such lethal tactics are only used on criminals and adversaries that have left him no choice.

It’s for this reason that he first met Lady Lightning, back when she was just joking called “Sparky” by coworkers in the special comission. They were often paired up because her powers were (at the time) explicitly used for passifying (she could only produce energy bursts that stunned, paralyzed, or dazed oponents), and his for backing her up in case more serious threats were encountered. He has also given her a lot of guidance and advice over the years, both as a comrade, and simply because he is fifteen years her senior.

The last thing that makes Aaron Gunn unique is that he not only knows who his bond-mate is. He married her. He will jokingly say “I’m just protecting my own hide by keeping that woman close to me.”, but LL knows he’s completely devoted.

In the time since LL’s mysterious transformation, Aaron has been working closely with her to try to find some reason behind the increase her powers.

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