#11 Santelmo

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11 前男

Santelmo • The Light That Does Not Go Out

The Four Fires are essentially like the Four Snows except in essence. Santelmo comes to those who die hoping, who die struggling, who die defiant, he comes for the drowned who try to swim to the surface or who are lost in a storm. In place of fuda which allow the aspects to travel the World Layers, the Four Fires carry lanterns, and instead of the Snows’ twin horns, they have embers. Santelmo’s ember is where anatomically a human’s mouth would be and every breath makes it glow.

He is apparently the most ubiquitous, and even those who have yet to shed claim to see him on stormy evenings strolling through the fog. Santelmo enjoys the company of Munjeiou » and both often trade stories about certain Walkers who have at some point encountered them both. While the Four Snows have dominion over a fixed direction, the Four Fires are more locational in dominion. In this case, his is the ‘front’.


Inspiration came from looking at images of Trappist monks, coupled by the traditional St. Elmo’s Fire » renditions. A variant of the St. Elmo’s Fire, the Santilmo, are specifically glowing, burning, floating death’s heads sighted over the water or on the shore (if you’re coming from the water), supposedly to signal a haunted strip of land. They’re generally considered to be neutral beings, more like ghost markers.

Also, his title is partly because I can’t stop listening to The Smiths today.

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