#12 – Chalybs

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Chalybs from the planet Xenon is the ultimate hero. Chairman of the “Alliance of the Just”, savior of planet Earth not once, but a hundred times. Superhumanly strong, impervious to physical force – like the steel he’s named himself after (in Latin) – with the ability to teleport and imbued with lots of other secondary powers he derives from Earth’s core, this hero is a living example of ridiculous overpowering. And while Chalybs is one of the good guys, he is also arrogant and as self-righteous as a law-abiding citizen can be.
He’s the leader of the team that rejected Blindsight in the first place, and continues to make a laughing stock out of all “lowly powereds”.

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Sam is a prized comicbook artist from Germany. He is co-founder and head teacher of the first free school for comicbook arts (est. 2003), located in Munich, Germany.

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