#13 Bernerd Carnaby: Psychic Butcher

| November 13, 2010 | 1 Comment

Through his chosen profession as a butcher, Bernerd Carnaby is daily exposed to dozens of animal carcasses ready for production. It is rather unfortunate then, that Bernerd also happens to be psychic. While he cuts, he is constantly hounded by the ectoplasmic, shoggoth-like consciousness that all farmed animals are tied to on the astral plain.

Still, he likes his job, and deals with the shoggoth with the most powerful weapon he possesses – a bilious and vitriolic wit. If he doesn’t make the shoggoth cry at least once a week, he considers himself a failure.

Category: Horror, Humor

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  1. PlotholeTsi says:

    Bizarre… I like it! *evil little smile*

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