#13 – Magistrivore

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The pursuit of knowledge isn’t without its perils. Exhibit A: the MAGISTRIVORE, devourer of knowledge, and eater of brains. A combination of psychic vampire, zombie, and Lovecraftian horror, the Magistrivore feeds upon the wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom found only in the Academy’s professors. After feeding psychically, it feeds physically, devouring the victims brain.

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The Magistrivore is another Merrick-inspired character. As my characters are alphabetical, she suggested the word MAGISTRICIDE (the killing of a teacher or professor) for my M character, as it would be a good villainous character in a world of educators.

I also point to my D&D past, since there’s a huge likeness to the Mind Flayer from the Monster Manual.

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I plan on revisiting my earlier posts this weekend, adding backstory to my characters as I’m *this* close to coming up with a name for the fantasy world they inhabit.

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