#13 Trey Zantha

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Behind every screaming meathead, there is an exasperated family member wondering how the hell they’re related to him.

Trey Zantha is Lt. Leon Zantha’s younger brother and a signals analysis engineer on Valhalla Station. In stark contrast to Leon, Trey is the skinny intellectual of the family, having a master’s in signals intelligence under his belt.

He’s the sort of guy who, at first glance, appears to have his life together. He’s smart, well-educated, knows how to dress himself, and has a good paying job. He’s the guy your mom points at when she spots you loafing on the couch and says “Why can’t you be more like him?” However, beneath the surface he’s actually quite an unlucky bastard, hence his position day 13.

His job is a depressing step downward from his previous experiences. His former employer used to have him writing signals intelligence algorithms for CIA technology, but due to gross mismanagement, the company shut its doors and left Trey broke and desperate. Now he’s reduced to looking at graphs and going “look, there’s a spike!” and noting as such. Furthermore, he’s got chronic health problems that seem to be getting worse and a personal relationship he’s trying to keep secret or else he’ll get fried by both his job AND his brother.

In spite of all that, there are people who care. Even if he is a hard luck case beneath the surface, he’s still got family.

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