Day 9: Chipo

| November 13, 2010 | 0 Comments

I feel bad copping out with a scribbly tegakie entry on this one, so I apologize!

Anyway this is Chipo, or “Chip” as she likes to be called.  The only word able to describe her accurately is bitch, unfortunately.  A self proclaimed fashion master and alcoholic in denial, Chipo loves all the stereotypical things a woman her age (24) might like:  clubbing, flirting, acting better than everyone else, caring about stupid things like celebrity lifestyles, doing anything to be rich and spending money she doesn’t have, etc.  She is hard-pressed for any real, decent friends since she pushes everyone away after at least a few months of being around her if not a few seconds.
Her only real dream is to become a teacher someday.  The one thing she truly takes pleasure in is being around children, and she is actually quite good and responsible when it comes to them.  However, her reputation as an irresponsible, rude party girl makes it pretty hard to get any good babysitting jobs, let alone being able to teach in a classroom.  All anyone can hope is that she changes her ways before something terrible happens.

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