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#14 Fire

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Fire is one half of a dynamic duo, both former US Air Force pilots recruited to The Elite. He and his partner are mirror opposites. One brings the flames, the other brings the sonics. Not much is known about them, save that the two are opposite as can be. One is very talkative and humorous, the other very reserved and stoic.

#14 – Mara

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Demon, witch, all around she-bitch.



#14 – Necronought

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NECRONOUGHT, the undead colossus from the South-Eastern continent.

#14 Insectivoid

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Just an insect design.
No idea about what he is about.

#13 Rohal Ayuun

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Rohal Ayuun

Looks like I’ve finally started running a day late. I suppose I should have expected it. Also, the Zanduul’s eight-fingered hands looked a lot better in my head.

Our futuristic shirt of the day is from the 0130 Summer Olympics, held in the city of Ranhaal on the Zanduul homeworld. After learning of this Human tradition, most other races embraced it, and now the Olympics cycle through several planets besides Earth.

As usual, more info about Race can be found here. You may also be interested in my entries for Tansei and Luziim.

#14 Seripidy

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Seripidy is the pet, and suspected familiar of Delilah Dimplethorn, the new secretary at the office of Herbert Salazar, Private Eye.  It seems that Seripidy’s single eye is capable of seeing much more than her owner, and she often comes in handy in many investigations.

Day 14: Hank E. Boogerman

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Teds cousin Hank.  He’s fat and works at a bank.  He’s a bad tipper and he parks in handicapped parking spots, even though he’s not handicapped.

#13 – Amplifier Riot

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Amplifier Riot is a new character/entity in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Amplifier Riot is the collective mind, body, and creative energy of hundreds of sentient music amplifiers and speaker systems. He/She/It formed during a confluence of energy unleashed at what started as a peaceful demonstration for fair treatment and equalization for all amplifiers.

During a speech being given by one of the key organizers – a battle at the edge of the crowd broke out. Pick and Crunchy and the rest of their band – Resonant Dojo were trying to stop an enraged group of gholhems from tearing the peaceful demonstration apart. Instead – the amplifiers sensed it all as a threat and conspiracy against their united spirit.

Their hearts and minds were so entirely focused that the entire crowd of amplifiers converged, morphed, and formed one giant entity that referred to itself as Amplifier Riot.

A witness to the event claims it escalated because Crunchy the mystical guitar was laughing at the amplifiers during his battle with the gholhems saying: “You don’t impress me, all you do is repeat what an instrument says only louder. No come back? Ha. Must have your volume nob turned down.” And that’s when Amplifier Riot brought the noise.

#14 – Ekvaren – Warlord of the People

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Ekvaren is a new character/entity in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Ekvaren – Warlord of the People wasn’t born of royalty. He was a seemingly normal village are born in a land that was oppressively run by feudal rulers overtaxing and over punishing their people. His first attempt to escape oppression was to become a soldier. Through that experience he discovered his immense natural strength, cleverness, and leadership that sparked loyalty in many that knew him.

Eventually he realized that he was partaking in the very acts that was causing the poor conditions he grew up in. This sparked and him a cause for rebellion that he organized and struck out against the regional feudal lords.

While he was humane in taking over neighboring lands and villages – many times it required the taking captives. He would take captives that were likely to make trouble that could thwart his efforts tonight the regional lands.

After a hard-won victory in taking over the capital he met the Ikmoda – Gholhem Wiseman and Teacher and knew immediately this person must be imprisoned lest he confuse the people and cause more strife than was needed. However there was something very curious about Ikmoda. So Ekvaren would often visit Ikmoda in Ikmoda’s prison to meet and debate.

The legends get unclear and disagree with one another was how what happened next came about. Howevery, the do agree that eventually the Ekvaren and Ikmoda became friends and taught one another what each of them were best at. The warlord shared his knowledge of sword fighting and Ikmoda shared what he knew of the sound based martial art – The Way of Sound.

Years passed and peace and prosperity was now the rule of the lands where Ekvaren ruled. Ekvaren could have ruled for many years to come if it weren’t for the distress call from Musica. The distress call came to Ikmoda in a vision. He dreamed a detailed series of scenes in which the land of musica was under attack. All he could see were the results of some great force striking again and again destroying buildings, cities and villages. As the shock of the dream was waking up Ikmoda, he was able see just for a few seconds a small force of defending mystical instruments and gholhems battling against the creature. When Ikmoda awoke, he pleaded with Ekvaren to be allowed to go back to defend Musica.

Ekvaren denied his friends request. Instead he took Ikmoda’s guitar sword, called forth the musical bridge to reach the land of Musica. Ikmoda watched his friend jump in to battle and remove the bridge connection gateway between the lands.

What Ekvaren battled was like no living creature he’d ever faced. He fought a towering beast of celestial origin whose indeterminate shape seemed to lash out from every angle – destroying anything it struck. Beyond the frightening realization of the creature’s power – it seemed immune to the sword and even sound based attacks. Any blast of sound would dissipate as it got close to the creature. Standing next to it was to experience the vacuum of pure silence.

Ikmoda opened a new bridge to Musica – but once he arrived he saw neither his friend nor the horrific sound consuming creature. It had seemed his friend figured out a technique that no other caller mystical instrument understood but those that witnessed it did see the destruction of the beast.

This is when the mystical guitar tribe decided to open their ranks to create the honored position of tribal knight. Ever since, over the centuries, anytime the tribe found worthy warrior-bard they would make the offer. Join our tribe and we will share with you the post powerful secrets in The Way of Sound and you can wield a guitar sword to protect those that need it and to honor the Mystical Guitar Tribe.

#13 Three-Week Johnson

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They call him Three-Week and on one knows why.

They call him Three-Week and he’ll never tell you why.

They call him Three-Week and he doesn’t know why.

They call him Three-Week and he hates the 4th of July.

They call him Three-Week and he ain’t shy.

They call him Three-Week and he makes the babies cry.

They call him Three-Week and he swears he can fly.

They call him Three-Week and his can his never dry.

#14 Khariton the Curse Master

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Name: Khariton the Curse Master
Species: Machine
Main Goal: To discover and dispel all curses in the world
Occupation: Dispeller of curses
Motivation: Loyalty, Curiosity
Inner Need: To be useful
Flaw: Blindly Obedient
Good/Bad Habits: Only speaks when powering up or when spoken to.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Can speak any language he hears, has a photographic memory, and has the ability to dispel any curse he can see through his glass eye.
Quirks: Requires vodka to function, implores people to move their face in front of his lens when speaking to him.
Attitude: Pleasant, Helpful
Dialogue Style: Thick Russian accent, speaks very clearly and politely
Backstory/Description: Svarog the Bright, rival to countless jealous wizards and witches, was very frequently cursed by his rivals. Some were trivial, others life-threatening, but all of them were annoying. In order to save himself some time, he constructed a mechanical box out of mage-gold and brought it to life. Thus was born Khariton the Curse Master, who faithfully serves his master by dispelling any and all curses inflicted on him.

#13 Svarog the Bright

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Name: Svarog Kuznetsov the Bright
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 55/Male/White
Main Goal: Chart and explore the Outside in its entirety.
Occupation: Wizard
Motivation: Curiosity/Greed
Inner Need: Comprehension
Flaw: Cruel, Greedy
Good/Bad Habits: Mumbles to himself almost constantly, Show off, Likes his vodka a little too much
Secret: The secret ritual of entering the Outside, along with a score of other magical secrets.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Skilled wizard and alchemist who knows how to enter a surreal other-realm called the Outside. Can turn invisible, hypnotize people, curse people to sleep forever until they die, and call storms. Knows a good bit of several trades, among them tailoring, glassblowing, papermaking, and smithing.
Quirks: Always wears a pair of obsidian spectacles, a mage-gold hat, and a mage-gold lined cloak.
Attitude: Jovial
Dialogue Style: Thick Russian accent, several tasteless jokes.
Backstory/Description: When Svarog Kuznetsov was but a child in a backwater Russian village he struggled to find his trade. He had difficulty taking orders, so he was apprenticed to many tradesmen until one night his drunken, frustrated father beat him. He ran away, whereupon he stumbled on the hidden lair of a long dead wizard. The wizard, Maksim the Gaunt, lingered as a ghost, since he had taken no apprentice. He accepted Svarog and trained him until he knew everything he knew, then Maksim faded away. Svarog continued living in the old wizard’s house, researching magic and trying to find the philospher’s stone, among other projects. During one experiment he inadvertantly discovered a way to transport himself to a surreal, dream-like realm he dubbed the Outside, and bring things back with him. It was in this way he discovered mage-gold, a metal similar to gold except much brighter, much lighter, and much more conductive to magic. He has since gained scores of enemies who wish to steal his secrets, and still more customers who are willing to buy it from him.

#12 Calvin “Cool Whip” White

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Name: Charles “Cool Whip” White
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 25/Male/Black
Main Goal: To enslave the entire human race as his own gang.
Occupation: Gang Leader/Minion of Satan
Motivation: Blood lust/Testosterone
Inner Need: Power
Flaw: Short tempered, reactionary, murderous psychopath
Good/Bad Habits: Always fights alone, refuses to kill children below the age of ten. Hardly ever sleeps, eats, or bathes and sometimes cuts himself when bored.
Secret: Actually feels kind of guilty about sacrificing his grandmother.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Expert swordsman, somewhat proficient marksman, secret knowledge of the drug trade, can survive great amounts of physical harm, capable of summoning sudden bursts of superhuman strength, can teleport to and from Hell a few times a day.
Quirks: Always combs his afro and polishes his sword after a fight. Never takes off his sunglasses.
Attitude: Menacing
Dialogue Style: Uses a strong urban dialect with many swears and racial slurs.
Backstory/Description: Charles White was born to a common prostitute who died of ketamine injection when he was four. He was left in the house of his austere Christian grandmother who was nearly immobile from arthritis. Growing up without a father, he turned to gang for support and took on the name of “Cool Whip.” He hated taking orders, however, so when he was 16 he got into a fight with the gang leader over control. The leader and six other gang members all ganged up on him, beat him bloody and left him for dead in a dumpster. He died, and while his soul was in limbo the Devil spoke to him, offering him a deal. He was returned to Earth, whereupon he went home and strangled his helpless grandmother. The murder of the innocent fulfilled his pact, and he was rewarded with his powers and a sword forged in the fires of Hell. He then proceeded to slaughter the members of his former gang and recruit members for a new one.

#11 Roskus “Sunrise” Miller

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Name: Roskus “Sunrise” Miller
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 19/Male/White
Main Goal: Fame, Fortune, Fighting
Occupation: Superhero
Motivation: Testosterone/Poverty/Boredom
Inner Need: Excitement
Flaw: Rash, Stubborn, Violent
Good/Bad Habits: Gets his buck every year, does poorly in school, gets into fights very frequently
Secret: His powers and those of his cousin Haley, also that he has a crush on Haley
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Knows how to hunt, fish, and is a decent mechanic, also has extremely powerful but extremely short ranged psychic powers, mostly used to power his punches and kicks, to allow him to leap great heights, and to deflect projectiles.
Quirks: Always wears hunting boots or some other camoflauge article.
Attitude: Cocky
Dialogue Style: Fast, loose, thick southern drawl
Backstory/Description: Roskus was an only child of a mechanic, living in the same trailer park as his cousin Haley. He would always pick fights with whoever would fight with him. During one particularly close fight, when four other guys ganged up on him, he discovered his psychic powers and used them to great effect to win the fight, breaking a few of their bones in the process. Naturally, the only course of action was to become a superhero, and when he saw a wap kid wearing a rising sun hoodie, beat him up and stole it from him, he decided on the moniker of “Sunrise.”

Ahh! Four days behind! Jeez, I’ve been busy lately, hence the poor quality. This one’s related to this one (

#12 Iblis

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Lucifer? Taught him everything he knows.

Tyrant Xor

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The minds of the sorcerous, of those that hold truck with the known paths of magic, have been sundered by, or with, the coming of the Blue Fires. But there are races not possessed of  wizardly nor sorcerous magical minds, but inherent abilities and skills that somehow render them immune to the chaos and loss.

Sadly, one of the fortunate races is the Eye Tyrant.

Xor is an exceptionally calm beholder, and through this new imbalance of power, seeks to launch a timely and devastating assault on the surface folk near the caverns he haunts.

#10 – Demise

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#10 - Demise - Jay Faulkner

#10 - Demise - Jay Faulkner


He may look old and frial but looks are, as they say, deceptive – just like the man himself.  First of all he isn’t frial in the slightest and, in fact, is nigh on invulnerable and, should one be lucky enough to injure him, he has amazing powers of recuperation and heals from injuies that would topple most in a matter of moments.  Secondly while he may look simply ‘old’ the truth is that he was ancient when New Orleans was a handful of hovels in the mud … because he is no man but, rather, a demon.  The demon, Demise.

Sent to Earth to prepare the way for his Master’s arrival Demise is playing the long game.  Fronting a well-respected, and successful, business he is biding his time while looking for mortals that he can corrupt, or sacrifice, to open the portal that will allow his Master to take corporal form himself.

Demise is an accomplished practitioner of the black arts, and uses these to his every advantage.  He summoned four elemental demons – Hellfire Brimstone, Styx and Stones –  to serve and protect him, who seek out the mortals that he needs.  He also has one further ‘trick’ up his sleeve … his inate ability toknow the deepest, darkest fear of any mortal simply by looking into their eyes … and then projecting this fear into them so that they see nothing else, going first mad, then dying, from the terror that he instills.

If you meet him you will understand why his legned grew in the back streets, from the screams and prayers of the dying as they warned others nt to look ito them eyes … dem eyes … demise.

#9 – Veritas

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#9 - Veritas - Jay Faulkner

#9 - Veritas - Jay Faulkner

#4 & #5 Toxico and Proxy

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Two gargoyles that turned away from their purpose – protecting their building from evil spirits.  Toxico and Proxy now take advantage of  people in their sleep.  Proxy goes in and pulls positive thoughts from your dreams.  Toxico goes in an torments the dreamer.

#13 Mon Oncle Monicle

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One day behind!
No time to color. this year is kicking my ass!

I shall catch up.

This is a bizarre tree man in need of an attitude change and a good chardonay.

#13 – Pahuac

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No one knows exactly how Pahuac ended up at the door of Ms. Daiyu’s mountain fortress. He is the only human to ever find discover the existence as well as the location of this top secret facility. Many major governments think of the organization as nothing more than a myth. Pahuac’s history is equally shrouded in mystery, despite arriving, and subsequently joining the organization in modern times (2001), he seemed to be most fluent in a language that turned out to be a dead Incan dialect. He has never divulged his history to the rest of the group but seemed to already known a great deal about what they do. His insight and inexplainable knowledge of things he shouldn’t know have made him an indispensable member, swiftly working his way to the number two spot in only 6 years.

#14 – Sarah

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Day 14 - Sarah

Sarah the Writer

Sarah is the smartest of the girls and the most well read.  She loves reading and can talk your ear off about almost any topic.  She can come off as a bit of a know it all, but in truth she really does know it all.  If she doesn’t know something she will go out and read a dozen books on the topic, so beware of trying to trip her up with an obscure topic. Conversely, she knows little of trivia and pop culture and considers such topics not worth knowing.  However, she is not just a boring academic scholar.  She has a playful side and can catch you off guard when she plays a practical joke on you or suggests doing something crazy, like dancing in the fountain at the town park. She knows it’s not healthy to read all day long and will often go for long walks to study the world around her.

#14 – Squints McBeefy

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In the wake of tragic events surrounding the “Thumb Incident” at WrestleExtravaganza ’97 , LeRoy McBeanstalk dropped his Southern Saskatchewan TV Title to Fingers O’Leary and disappeared blindly into the windy, Canadian Prairie night. Resurfacing 10 years and 250 pounds  later, LeRoy attacked  Sub-Dude (See Day 7) during the 2nd Intermission of a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. Armed with a BBQ flipper and an apron, the newly proclaimed “King of the Patty”  made instant enemies with the Leaf-faithfuls… Creating the Greatest Sports Entertainment Crossover ever!

# 13 Logan

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Logan has always preferred to write his words than speak them. He works part time at the bookstore with Baine. He aspires one day to become an author. but for now he’ll sit back and fill up his notebooks.

# 12 Lowell

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Lowell is a little wolf with a short fuse.  He’s a young, fiery lone wolf. He doesn’t trust easily, and just tends to walk away from something he doesn’t like.

#9 Dr. Mason’s Robot

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Dr. Mason was a scientist and a visionary.  His life’s work was to create a fully operational Artificial Intelligence.  After decades of hard work, Dr. Mason finally completed his robot.  Unfortunately, as Dr. Mason was teaching his robot how to be more human, Dr. Mason suffered a fatal heart attack.

The robot was left alone. Wanting to be more human and to honor his creator, the robot decided to attach Dr. Mason’s face over its head. Now he is…more human.

#14 Major Mahoney

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Major Melanie Mahoney is the group troop commander for the armed forces of the mega-corporation The Organization.  The Organization is a “evil” multinational corporation bent on world domination through finance, and military might.  Their unwritten manifesto is to either control or destroy all genetants on the planet.

Major Mahoney is a driven woman, driven by ambition to rise even higher in the ranks of The Organization.  She and he legion of ground troops called “Black Coats” (for their armored black trench coats they wear).  Her main focus/nemesis is the hit-woman “Crackshot”, whom she has a bit of a history with, which only drives her harder to find and enslave her.

#17 Tuo (the Alligator Man)

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I love reptiles. Always have. So, I wanted to make an alligator man (similar thinking led to my #19 entry, which you’ll see). The idea was to create a character for my upcoming webcomic, The Aquarian 7. Not sure if Tuo here will make the team or be a villain, but he will show up at some point.

Concept: Tuo is a mutated Chinese alligator that was discovered along Yangtze River. He was taken to a Shaolin temple in the Shanxi Province, where he was trained in the martial arts. He is very protective of his people, and his presence has become an urban legend.

Design: I toyed with the idea of making him either a mutated human or an alien (hence the beard). The hood/cape adds to the idea of the urban legend aspect. There’s a lot to be learned about him, but, design-wise, he’s all there.

Art by Uriel Duran!

By the way, he’s named Tuo for the Chinese character that represents the alligator. Not sure if that’s Mandarin or Cantonese.

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#12 Jihad

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#14 “Professor Hipster”

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Okay, well that's not his REAL name
“Professor Hipster” aka Preston is an failure analysis engineer working at Valhalla station, who works alongside Trey Zantha for third party defense firm, Aperture Tiburon. The nickname was coined by Zantha not so much to make fun of him (okay, he’s making fun of him a little), but more to point out the obvious. “Professor Hipster” is a hipster. And an engineer. In space. And much like chocolate-covered bacon he’s something that shouldn’t exist, but yet he does.

Preston himself is a nice, cheerful fellow. He’s very knowledgeable and always willing to help his fellow hipster man. He enjoys drinking horribly cheap beer and eating very questionable recipes (like chocolate-covered bacon) for irony’s sake. The man must have an iron constitution because for all his carousing, he never calls in sick. The only real reason anyone might take issue with him is his bizarre hipster fashion sense. And the chin beard.

Seriously, I dare you to go through a business meeting and NOT stare at that thing. It’s haunting.

Don’t stare at the chin beard.

#14 Tul’lok

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TUL’LOK is the oldest living Hornak, and a wizard.  And this vile wizard is in need of a new apprentice…

Tul’lok is another character who will be showing up in TOTD very shortly.