#10 Angel

| November 14, 2010 | 1 Comment

Angel is a kind, gentle soul whose graceful, caring nature is infectious.  She looks like the other angels on the outside, but she has a tendency to crave just a little bit of danger.  Angel travels to the beat of her own drum and has managed to find the kind of true love that evades most of us in her partner, Gritzfalde, even though the two of them are from completely different worlds (see post #11).

(Angel and Gritzfalde are inspired by friends of mine.)

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I am a graduate student in forensic anthropology at Michigan State University, and illustration has always been something I enjoy. This is year #2 for me with the 30 Characters Challenge and I'm pretty darn excited about it!

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  1. Really beautiful work. Very story-book quality. I love the work on her face and wings. Great job.

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