#11 Roskus “Sunrise” Miller

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Name: Roskus “Sunrise” Miller
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 19/Male/White
Main Goal: Fame, Fortune, Fighting
Occupation: Superhero
Motivation: Testosterone/Poverty/Boredom
Inner Need: Excitement
Flaw: Rash, Stubborn, Violent
Good/Bad Habits: Gets his buck every year, does poorly in school, gets into fights very frequently
Secret: His powers and those of his cousin Haley, also that he has a crush on Haley
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Knows how to hunt, fish, and is a decent mechanic, also has extremely powerful but extremely short ranged psychic powers, mostly used to power his punches and kicks, to allow him to leap great heights, and to deflect projectiles.
Quirks: Always wears hunting boots or some other camoflauge article.
Attitude: Cocky
Dialogue Style: Fast, loose, thick southern drawl
Backstory/Description: Roskus was an only child of a mechanic, living in the same trailer park as his cousin Haley. He would always pick fights with whoever would fight with him. During one particularly close fight, when four other guys ganged up on him, he discovered his psychic powers and used them to great effect to win the fight, breaking a few of their bones in the process. Naturally, the only course of action was to become a superhero, and when he saw a wap kid wearing a rising sun hoodie, beat him up and stole it from him, he decided on the moniker of “Sunrise.”

Ahh! Four days behind! Jeez, I’ve been busy lately, hence the poor quality. This one’s related to this one (http://www.30characters.com/2010/11/10/10-haley-midnight-blaire/).

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