#12 Calvin “Cool Whip” White

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Name: Charles “Cool Whip” White
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 25/Male/Black
Main Goal: To enslave the entire human race as his own gang.
Occupation: Gang Leader/Minion of Satan
Motivation: Blood lust/Testosterone
Inner Need: Power
Flaw: Short tempered, reactionary, murderous psychopath
Good/Bad Habits: Always fights alone, refuses to kill children below the age of ten. Hardly ever sleeps, eats, or bathes and sometimes cuts himself when bored.
Secret: Actually feels kind of guilty about sacrificing his grandmother.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Expert swordsman, somewhat proficient marksman, secret knowledge of the drug trade, can survive great amounts of physical harm, capable of summoning sudden bursts of superhuman strength, can teleport to and from Hell a few times a day.
Quirks: Always combs his afro and polishes his sword after a fight. Never takes off his sunglasses.
Attitude: Menacing
Dialogue Style: Uses a strong urban dialect with many swears and racial slurs.
Backstory/Description: Charles White was born to a common prostitute who died of ketamine injection when he was four. He was left in the house of his austere Christian grandmother who was nearly immobile from arthritis. Growing up without a father, he turned to gang for support and took on the name of “Cool Whip.” He hated taking orders, however, so when he was 16 he got into a fight with the gang leader over control. The leader and six other gang members all ganged up on him, beat him bloody and left him for dead in a dumpster. He died, and while his soul was in limbo the Devil spoke to him, offering him a deal. He was returned to Earth, whereupon he went home and strangled his helpless grandmother. The murder of the innocent fulfilled his pact, and he was rewarded with his powers and a sword forged in the fires of Hell. He then proceeded to slaughter the members of his former gang and recruit members for a new one.

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