#13 Svarog the Bright

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Name: Svarog Kuznetsov the Bright
Species: Human
Age/Sex/Race: 55/Male/White
Main Goal: Chart and explore the Outside in its entirety.
Occupation: Wizard
Motivation: Curiosity/Greed
Inner Need: Comprehension
Flaw: Cruel, Greedy
Good/Bad Habits: Mumbles to himself almost constantly, Show off, Likes his vodka a little too much
Secret: The secret ritual of entering the Outside, along with a score of other magical secrets.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Skilled wizard and alchemist who knows how to enter a surreal other-realm called the Outside. Can turn invisible, hypnotize people, curse people to sleep forever until they die, and call storms. Knows a good bit of several trades, among them tailoring, glassblowing, papermaking, and smithing.
Quirks: Always wears a pair of obsidian spectacles, a mage-gold hat, and a mage-gold lined cloak.
Attitude: Jovial
Dialogue Style: Thick Russian accent, several tasteless jokes.
Backstory/Description: When Svarog Kuznetsov was but a child in a backwater Russian village he struggled to find his trade. He had difficulty taking orders, so he was apprenticed to many tradesmen until one night his drunken, frustrated father beat him. He ran away, whereupon he stumbled on the hidden lair of a long dead wizard. The wizard, Maksim the Gaunt, lingered as a ghost, since he had taken no apprentice. He accepted Svarog and trained him until he knew everything he knew, then Maksim faded away. Svarog continued living in the old wizard’s house, researching magic and trying to find the philospher’s stone, among other projects. During one experiment he inadvertantly discovered a way to transport himself to a surreal, dream-like realm he dubbed the Outside, and bring things back with him. It was in this way he discovered mage-gold, a metal similar to gold except much brighter, much lighter, and much more conductive to magic. He has since gained scores of enemies who wish to steal his secrets, and still more customers who are willing to buy it from him.

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