#14 Khariton the Curse Master

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Name: Khariton the Curse Master
Species: Machine
Main Goal: To discover and dispel all curses in the world
Occupation: Dispeller of curses
Motivation: Loyalty, Curiosity
Inner Need: To be useful
Flaw: Blindly Obedient
Good/Bad Habits: Only speaks when powering up or when spoken to.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Can speak any language he hears, has a photographic memory, and has the ability to dispel any curse he can see through his glass eye.
Quirks: Requires vodka to function, implores people to move their face in front of his lens when speaking to him.
Attitude: Pleasant, Helpful
Dialogue Style: Thick Russian accent, speaks very clearly and politely
Backstory/Description: Svarog the Bright, rival to countless jealous wizards and witches, was very frequently cursed by his rivals. Some were trivial, others life-threatening, but all of them were annoying. In order to save himself some time, he constructed a mechanical box out of mage-gold and brought it to life. Thus was born Khariton the Curse Master, who faithfully serves his master by dispelling any and all curses inflicted on him.

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