#14 Siamese Ninja

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Cletus and Clyde. The inseparable duo. They don’t look anything alike but they are brothers.Trained in quatro  Mano style fighting techniques and Members of the secret Ninja scrabble society . These two sure footed twins  back each other up flawlessly . Whether it be about a word challenge or hand to hand combat these  brothers know where its at. Cletus is the out going one. Often can be found in his down time hanging out in the local clubs and dating Playboy bunnies. Clyde is a more soft spoken shy individual who likes to spend his time alone collecting comic books and building model airplanes.

Recently employed by an evil dictator the brothers ninja have been correcting grammar and kicking ass all over the globe.

Category: Horror, Superhero

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Father,Husband,general laborer and ,creative person.( In that order).The creator behind the web comic zombiegeorge. Horrific fun for off balance individuals ( That's the tag Line) .A pitiful fool at the end of his rope of desperation. This creative person just refuses to quit. He may be 20 years behind every one else but he keeps on truckin ( In the wrong direction.) If he's not sitting at the dinning room table drawing crude pictures of voodoo zombies or fixing both physical and emotional aspects of his family's life you'll find him on his hands and knees sweeping up yolks at an egg packaging facility . In his free time he likes to...(Never mind he has no free time) ......UM Um I mean he like to take part in the 30 character challenge . ( Why did i refer to myself in third person)

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