#12 – Frankie James

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Frankie James always dreamed of being a superhero. He grew up hearing about them on the radio and picked up his first comic about someone named Superman in 1938. He grew up eating his vegetables and drinking his milk. Growing up near the Big Apple, he often had dreams of fighting crime and perhaps living the good life in the process. In the mid 50’s he finally was given his chance when Ms. Daiyu sent her people out to his hometown near White Plains, NY to investigate this man of unusual strength and integrity. Frankie is now the class of the operations, suave, sophisticated, full of manners, and good cheer, he rarely sees a dark spot because he knows he has the power to fix it. Despite his incredibly good manners in most situations, Frankie grew up in a time when, well, lets just say, he’s a bit of a lady’s man.

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