Day# 11 – Ahayre Revulzane, Wyrm-Wizard

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#11 Ahayre Revulzane, Wyrm-Wizard by Jande Rowe

#11 Ahayre Revulzane, Wyrm-Wizard by Jande Rowe

Ahayre Revulzane was once a human wizard. Well… as human as any young wizard in his first thousand years of existance could be. And like most young wizards he was vain, arrogant, and decidedly enamoured of exciting brilliant clashing jiving jostling colours. So much so that he spent many of the latter decades perfecting the emotional abrasiveness of this art and then pouring this painful mix into all his spells and potions.

One final thing younger wizards love to do is what they call wooveewoo, which to a wizard is a strangely shortened form of “wizard versus wizard”, somewhat akin to what on the mortal plane was called peeveepee, fairly remotely you understand. One versus one, two versus two, all the way up to full combat armies that raided each other’s domains, for loot (usually gaudily coloured silk and baubles, as well as spells and potions).

This particular aspect of wizardry had somewhat passed Revulzane by, as he had his nose firmly in his own special delights, but one day it occurred to him that it might be time to show off his lovely brilliantly coloured self, as well as his less subtle spells to receive his due in admiration from the other wizards who were sure not only to envy him, but would bow to him in humiliation. Oh! Delicious! He would simply adore to splash round his lovely colours and in doing so climb to the top of the WooVeeWoo lists. He almost drooled at the imagined loot he would win.

But, there is an old wizards proverb that cautions the younglings to “not count their loot before the first spell has cast”. Of course no young wizard worth his mana would listen to an old fogey like that! And like the rest of those who would throw caution to the wind spirits, Wizard and mortal alike, one simply ends up learning the hard way. As Ahayre Revulzane did, the night he flew his conjured bird of paradise to the jousting grounds and challenged the lot to a Revulzane vs Them All, duel.

He did quite well too, did our Revulzane, out of five matches he was only down two, with two to go, but there had been a lot of grumbling about the garish-looking spells he used. In consequence, Revulzane grew angry and embittered. ( You realise of course that these WooVeeWoos could last half a century or more per match. And the other wizards were just getting plain sick and tired of the clashes and jives of colour with which Revulzane inevitably brandished his wands or cast his spells. It put them off their tea.) But it was when one, whom he saw as entirely beneath him, made up a new spell on the spot which turned all of the challenging wizard’s spells to greyscale that Revulzane “lost it”, as the vulgar mortals say. Never had the greatest of the young wizards, or so he thought himself, been so  insulted!

Immediately and without thought, he conjured a gigantic green Wyrm who breathed rainbows at his antagonist, and melted him to a puddle of multicoloured inks.

There was a gasp of horror from the remaining WooVeeWoo-ers, and then a brooding silence fell upon them all. No one was more horrified than Ahayre Revulzane, for he knew he had broken not only a cardinal rule of WooVeeWoo, but also the code of wizardry itself. He was actually remorseful, which was not usually one of his characteristics, so that when the WC (Wizard’s Council) passed judgment upon him for his heinous impulsive act, he was allowed to keep some of his spells and the mana with which to cast them, but he was not only banished from Wizard Lair, but was made to reconjure the green Wyrm and was locked up inside it.

At first, he despaired. But then he found that he rather enjoyed being a dragon who breathed rainbows and who could at a whim cast spells at the mortals on the plane to which he had been banished. Pretty, colourful, agonisingly rapturously gaudy spells usually in the form of orbs that he could toss from a distance. He was only sorry that he hadn’t taken more thought when reducing that annoying wizard to inkspots (they’d managed to reconstitute him, but he would always carry multicoloured scars). If only he’d given it a pair of magnificent wings, then he would be a true Dragon instead of this inferior Wyrm form. Still, he could use his magic to lift him and to fly, though it left less for the spell casting. Really, he was sorry he’d lost his temper but this… this was living!

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  1. King AdBeck says:

    Very eye-catching! I think I could get used to living inside a conjured Wyrm form. Love the bit about the multi-coloured scars left on the other wizard … nice touch.

  2. JoeCook says:

    I love the energy on this one. In-your-face Dragon action!

  3. Malveka says:

    Another amazing character Jande! And you accuse me of coming up with some really wild and bizarre stories. 8^) Where do you get this stuff? ;^)


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