#12 Miah

| November 15, 2010 | 2 Comments

Miah is a Faerie, capable of flight thanks to her wings.  Despite her youthful appearance and attitude, she is over 300 years old.  The humans that know her speak of her kindness and her rather offbeat sense of humor.  It’s that last one that catches many off-guard, since Faerie are not known to crack jokes or find humor in most situations.

The object she carries is a called a totem, and is capable of bringing light into dark areas.  Miah can use magic, but her knowledge of spells is limited.

Category: Fantasy, Manga

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Hello everyone, I'm Marc McKenzie, and this is my second year taking part in of this challenge. I've been a freelancer for the past few years, working in animation and creating commissioned work for clients including the New York Times. There have been ups and downs, but...that's life. Honestly, though, I enjoyed taking part in the challenge last year, and I hope to do my best this year...but I hope that everyone does their best and has fun! Ironically, I never really set out to do art at first. I studied something completely different in college and it was only because of an art teacher that I changed gears. Currently I'm living in Hillsborough, New Jersey, working on commissions, trying to find full-time work, and being a doting uncle to my niece.

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  1. I like the soft, pastel colors. They go well with her serene look.

  2. Thanks Micah!

    You’re right about the colors…I tried for a different, softer look this time. Not too sure if it works, but it was nice to try something different.

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