#13: Mikey Strauss

| November 15, 2010 | 1 Comment

Poor Mikey. The kid was doomed from the start. Be sure to read my previous entry, Noah Strauss, before continuing on.

Dear Diary,

Daddy came home today and actually said I can finally build my tree house and I’m so excited that I could hardly even eat my dinner but I did because then Mom said that if I didn’t eat it she wouldn’t let me build it or play my games or organize my bookshelf. I don’t know know why I love putting my books in order so much but it’s really a lot of fun but not as much fun as building a tree house with my dad will be. My dad isn’t always real happy but sometimes he is.

I don’t mind most of the time but sometimes I get real excited to show him a grade from school or one of the superheroes I made and he doesn’t feel like looking or he’s grumpy and stuff. Mommy says to just ignore him and let him calm down but sometimes after he tells me to go away I don’t really feel like showing him anymore and then I forget until I make something new and then it happens again. Today I had a really cool spaceman that I drew in Ms. Alexis’ art class at school but I wasn’t even gonna show him because I figgered he wouldn’t want to look. Dad says that because it’s X-Mas now everybody is an a-hole and mad and stuff. I useta like X-Mas but Dad says it’s bullcrap.

Anyways I’m real excited for this treehouse. It’s in the weird tree over by the neighbor’s but I bet I can see in their house if I climb way up it. I hope I can see Mrs. Smith changing in her bedroom, that would be so awesome and I bet Billy would come over to check it out too. Dad’s been excited about it since he got home from work today and its weird but I can’t wait. He told me we’d start tomorrow.

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  1. Poor kid. Hope he pulls through okay.

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