#13 Sea.. Man

| November 15, 2010 | 2 Comments

Every hero needs an enemy and Captain Puerto Rico’s is the sea man.  Well, you don’t want to always call him that because he gets offended by the word, even by the Captain himself, so he prefers sea creature.  He is very lively and takes the captain for bait, in the nice seas of Puerto Rico when the Captain comes to visit his family.  Always a rivalry he soon follows the Captain to New York where he reeks havoc into his life.  His powers are controlling the water and showing the fish who’s boss.  He also has been known to help out people who were supposedly burried at sea.

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Category: Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Superhero

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Artist and accredited slacker, loves to take a challenge and shake a stick at it. Doesn't necessarily have talent but does possess a creative side, now here's hoping she's on the net as much

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  1. Love the perspective, the colors, and the rough lines.

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