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| November 15, 2010 | 3 Comments

Simon Swinden. Snarky music blogger extraordinaire. He would tear the recording industry apart from his solitary studio Williamsburg apartment (paid for by trust funds). His blog got thousands of hits a day. But that wasn’t enough.

He wanted to go pro. And that’s when Debase magazine came a-knocking. They had an important assignment, but didn’t want to delegate it to one of their regular staffers (unbeknownst to Simon, on account of the sheer danger). Now Simon’s got a nice new computer, an expense account, & a pretty ok-ish per diem. And all he’s got to do is follow a motley combination of very strange, very intense bands on an unofficial world tour. Can he do it? Or will he get eaten alive (literally)?

A friend & myself were talking about doing a story where a bunch of bands, going from town to town, not only trying to top the other band but kind of destroy the other bands in the process, before running off to the next tour stop. Problem was, some of the bands were so cool, we had problems trying to match that level of “Holy Crap! That’s Awesome!” so it ended up backburnered. But we reckoned that it should all be from the point of view of a fairly expendable music blogger trying to get his first big story. We never had anything more than that. So here’s kind of the typical look. Didn’t want to veer too hipster with his look, but kind of pretentious & pseudointellectual.

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  1. rrsaga says:

    I find this character to be interesting, and very well put. I love the name, he looks like that nerd in the tv show chuck.

  2. He really looks like the snarky nerd blogger.

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