Day 10: The Huehe

| November 15, 2010 | 1 Comment

Huehe (pronounced “hweh”) are creatures that make their homes largely in damp forests and in coastal areas, although smaller populations can be found in more frigid regions.  They are predators but rarely attack people, choosing to hang back from populated areas for the most part.  Huehe are very peculiar because their growth rate is completely unpredicted.  While all Huehe are born at about the size of an average newborn kitten, their sizes at adulthood vary wildly.  Some stay tiny their entire life, while others can get as big as horses.  Bigger specimens have been reported but are extremely rare.
People have spent generations breeding Huehe for different sizes and uses.  Many people keep the smaller Huehe as pets, and farmers/traders tend to use the larger ones for transportation.  There are a million other uses for the creatures though, and the people of the world won’t be done exploiting the species any time soon!

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  1. Love the overall shape of the Huehe. Very lean and muscular.

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