#15 Karalún Sanjori

| November 16, 2010 | 2 Comments

Karalún Sanjori

The plot thickens!

This character had a predecessor I drew a few times back in high school, but since I figured I would never get around to finishing the story she was in at the time, I incorporated some of its background ideas into Race and edited her history and personality accordingly.  I also wound up giving her a shirt that looks eerily similar to one of my own, for some weird reason.  I kept imagining her in it.

Race info can be found here.

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Category: Drama, Scifi

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Hi there! I'm a sophomore in college, and though I've only taken the occasional art class back in high school, I like to think of myself as a decent self-taught visual artist with some writing skill as well. I love fantasy, particularly when it comes to the fun creatures, so my characters may very well be something other than human. Nice meeting you, and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. She does look pretty sad or regretful. Maybe she’s upset she got caught?

    • I was thinking it’d mostly be sorrow for what’s happening to the rest of her people, and she’s probably feeling broken and much less confident after that bout of having to struggle for survival. When I get around to writing this story, I was thinking that gradual exposure to all the friendly people at the school would rebuild her self-esteem.

      Thanks a bunch for commenting! ^^

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