#15 -Piyo

| November 16, 2010 | 2 Comments

A character sketch of one of the races of the world I’ve been mucking with for a while now.  Very goat like. Mountain goat as a matter of fact.

Piyo is a Warlock of some ability who knew the parents of the young woman, Tujoxi, who ends up meeting Piyo in her travels. Piyo wears a necklace similar to the one Tujoxis Father gave her before he died.  Piyo ends up telling Tujoxi that he and her parents were close friends and that if anything ever happened to Tujoxi, Piyo was to take care of her for them.

Piyo takes the young witch under his wing and trains her in the ways of magic.

Category: Fantasy

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  1. Not sure if it’s intended but I feel a certain demonic air about this character. I think that may be because I’m used to drawing goatlike demons.

  2. It’s not intended but when I was sketching this race of characters I did get the feeling that there was something else behind those eyes. Goats do have the strangest eyes that look almost otherworldly so I’m betting that has a hand in making us feel demonic about them.

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